Mavzu: Music and ballet

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Mavzu: Music and ballet

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Going to the Theatre
Theatre is one of most popular entertainments in our country. Some people go to musical comedy, others prefer drama theatres.
It is not always easy to get tickets for some opera and ballet performances.
Children usually like going to puppet theatres. As a rule, performances start in the evening and run for two hours or more, including intervals between acts.
There are sometimes matinees in the afternoon, but adult spectors prefer evening shows.
If an interesting performance is on one must book tickets beforehand.
The best and most expensive seats in the house are the orchestra stalls, and the boxes. Those who sit in the pit, dress circle or gallery may use opera - glasses to get a better view of the stage.
Arriving at the theatre you leave your hat and coat in the cloakroom. The attendant can provide you with opera-glasses if you wish. An user shows you to your place. You may buy a program which tells you the summary of the performance and gives the names of the actors who are engaged in the play. To understand the ballet or the opera people buy the libretto which tells you in short what each act (scene) is about.
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