Module 4 and 5 Stream Ecology

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Module 4 and 5 Stream Ecology

Background: These slides present:

  • Background: These slides present:

  • 1 . background information on the Cape Fear River, N.C. and Tischer Creek, Duluth, MN for the purpose of discussing stream nutrient chemistry analysis in lab (only Cape Fear as of 5-16-03)

  • 2. Specific techniques for students to review in or out of class (packaged as separate slide file from Modules 8/9 and 10/11 that cover Lab techniques for lake and stream surveys)

  • 3. Note: There will be accompanying information in the form of

    • pdf, rtf and .doc files of a lab lesson handout(s) and supporting info
    • pdf, rtf and .doc files of analytical methods for a suite of water quality parameters (see notes on slides for further information)


Another look at the DO record straddling Hurricanes Fran, Bonnie and Floyd

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