Musa Adam Abdul-Jalil

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Curriculum Vitae 


Musa Adam Abdul-Jalil 









Personal Particulars 




Scholarships& Grants 

Training Courses & Workshops Attended 

Visiting Fellowships 

AdministrativeResponsibilities & Activities 

Advisory Activities 

Development of Academic Curriculum/ Syllabus 

Consultancy Work 

Research Fund Raising& Coordination 

Papers inScientific Conferences, Meetings & Symposia 


Organization of Conferences & Workshops 

Referee for Scientific Journals 

Referee for Books 

Future Plans 







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Personal Particulars  

Full Name:  


Musa Adam Abdul-Jalil 

Date of Birth:   

January 1, 1952. 

Place of Birth:  

Kutum, Sudan. 

Marital Status:  

Married, with three children. 



Associate Professor of Social Anthropology. 


Department of Anthropology and Sociology, 

University of Khartoum, P.O. Box 321, Khartoum, 

11115, Sudan. 


Mobile: +249-923777689 








Mother tongue  




Very good (speaking, reading and writing) 



Computer Skills

Introduction  to  Computers  –  MS-DOS  –MS-Windows  –  MS-Word  –  MS-

Excel – PowerPoint – Internet – Multimedia for Teaching – Zotero Program. 




Postdoctoral Training in Law and Society Studies, University of California, 

Berkeley, (in conjunction With Social Science Research Council Fellowship) 

from September 1982 to July 1983. 


Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, U. K., 1980. 


B.Sc. Honours (Second Class, Division One) in Social Anthropology and 

Sociology, University of Khartoum, 1974. 


Work History 


Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, 

University of Khartoum. (2004 to date). 


Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, 

University of Khartoum. (2002-2004). 


Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, I. M. S. Islamic University, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (1999 – 2002). 


Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, I. M. S. Islamic University, 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, (1985 – 1999). 


Lecturer, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of Khartoum, 

(from February 1980 to September 1985). 


Teaching Assistant, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of 

Khartoum, from December 1974 to February 1980. 


Research Assistant, Department of Culture (Ministry of Culture), from April 

1973 to November 1974. 






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Teaching Experience 



Undergraduate Level: 


Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology       (University of Khartoum) 


History of Social Thought                                 (University of Khartoum) 


Sudanese Communities                                    (University of Khartoum) 


Development of Sociological Theory                (University of Khartoum) 


Development of Anthropological Theory          (University of Khartoum) 


Methods of Social Research(University of Khartoum) 


Political Sociology (University of Khartoum) 


Systems of Beliefs(University of Khartoum) 


Islamic Communities(University of Khartoum) 


Current Issues in the Islamic Communities(University of Khartoum) 


Rural Sociology (University of Khartoum) 


Law & Social control(University of Khartoum) 


Ethnicity and National Integration(University of Khartoum) 


Social Institutions in Islam (Imam Mohamed I University, Riyadh) 


Sociology of law(Imam Mohamed I University, Riyadh) 


Applied Anthropology(Imam Mohamed I University, Riyadh) 


Social Change(Imam Mohamed I University, Riyadh) 



Postgraduate level: 


Methods of Social Research                       (University of Khartoum) 


Ethnicity Nationalism & World System       (University of Khartoum) 


Social control                                             (University of Khartoum) 


Rural Development                                     (University of Gazira) 


The Islamic world(Imam Mohamed I University, Riyadh) 


Issues in Islamization of Knowledge  (Imam Mohamed I University, 



Scholarships& Grants 


African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the SSRC, New York. A research 

grant to study water conflicts and best management practices in pastoralist areas 

in south White Nile State, Sudan (2015). 


Visiting Scholar, in conjunction with the research programme "Identity in 

Africa"Institute fur Geowissenschaften, University of Bayreuth, West Germany 

(June/July 1985). 


Middle Eastern Award in Law and Society Studies from Social Science Research 

Council, New York/ USA (September 1982 to July 1983) 


Research grant from African Peacebuilding Network (APN) Program of the Social 

Science Research Council (SSRC), New York, USA for research on: “Water 

conflicts and best management practices in pastoralist areas in south White Nile 

State, Sudan,”  (June-December 2015). 


Fundfrom the Programme Management Unit African Union Research Grant 

Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology African Union 

Commission (Grant Contract Identification Number: AURG/2/066/2012) for 

research project: “Mapping of water conflicts and best management practices in 

pastoralist areas in the Sahel region - create in-depth knowledge, develop an 

interdisciplinary research methodology and transfer the know-how to all relevant 

stakeholders”. (December 2012 – December 2015). 





- 4 -



Fund from Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF Project 

number 01DG12004) for research on "Pastoralist Interaction Patterns and 

Resource-Based Conflicts in the Dry-land Savannah Belt of the Sudan". (July-

September 2013). 


Fund from Volkswagen Foundation in Germany as part of its initiative: 

“Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan 

Africa: Violence, its Impact, Coping Strategies and Peace Building” for a research 

project on “Travelling Models in Conflict Management: A comparative research 

and network building project in six African countries”. (2006-2009). 


Training Courses & Workshops Attended  


Capacity Building Workshop on Strengthening Justice and the Rule of Law: The 

Design of the Judiciary and its Role in Enforcing the Constitution” from Monday 

9th May 2016 until Wednesday 11th May 2016 took place at the Corinthia Hotel 

in Khartoum, Sudan. Workshop organized by Max Planck Foundation for 

International Peace and the Rule of Law. 


Workshop on the “Design and Implementation of a Decentralised Constitutional 

System: Interrelationship between Levels of Government” on 4-7 April 2016, 

Pretoria, South Africa. Workshop organised by Max Planck Foundation for 

International Peace and the Rule of Law and faculty of Law, University of 



Second Training Workshop for the program's 2015 cohort of individual research 

grantees and residential postdoctoral fellows. Workshop organized by African 

Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), in 

collaboration with the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) of Addis 

Ababa University, Ethiopia. The workshop took place at the Addis Ababa campus 

of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), December l-4, 2015. 


NORHED Borderland Dynamics in East Africa. A Network Program for Capacity 

Building within Departments of Social Anthropology in East African Universities. 

“Research Seminar” Organized by the Social Anthropology Department of Addis 

Ababa University, held at Aphrodite Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 5th-9th 

October, 2015. 


NORHED Borderland Dynamics in East Africa. A Network Program for Capacity 

Building within Departments of Social Anthropology in East African Universities. 

“Supervisors' Refresher Course” Co-organized by OSSREA & Social 

Anthropology Department of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda 27th-31st 

July 2015. 


First Training Workshop for the APN‟s 2015 cohort of individual research 

grantees. Workshop organized by African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the 

Social Science Research Council (SSRC), in collaboration with the University of 

Botswana, Department of Political and Administrative Studies, The workshop 

took place at the University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana, from July 8–10, 



Top Level Seminar on Peace and Security, Uppsala University, TOPS (May, 



Workshop on International Social Science Writing organized by Winner-Green 

Foundation for Anthropological Research (USA)/ Nairobi, Kenya. (August 31 to 

September 9, 1985) 






- 5 -


Visiting Fellowships 


Visiting Scholar at Department for Social Anthropology, Martin-Luther 

University, Halle/Wittenberg, Germany. (September/October 2010). 


Visiting Scholar, Institute furGeowissenschaften, University of Bayreuth, West 

Germany - in conjunction with the research programme "Identity in Africa" 

(June/July 1985). 


Administrative Responsibilities & Activities  


Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Faculty of Economic & Social Studies, 

University of Khartoum (December 2013 to May 2015). 


Head, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, University of 

Khartoum (from April 2007 to April 2013). 


Deputy head, department of Sociology, Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Islamic 

University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1991-1993). 


Head, Department of Anthropology and Sociology University of Khartoum 

(February 1984 to September 1985). 


Acting Head, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of 

Khartoum (July 1983 to February 1984). 


Acting Head, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of 

Khartoum (June to August 1981). 


Secretary, Board of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, University of 

Khartoum (1981/82). 


Advisory Activities 


Member of the “Economic & Social Studies Committee” of the National Council 

of education, Ministry of higher Education & Scientific Research. 


Member of “National Dialogue and Policy Forum” of the University of 

Khartoum (2008-2015).  


Member of Academic Board, Women‟s Study Centre (an independent research 

institute, Khartoum, Sudan). 


Member of “Committee for Enrollment of Darfur Students in National 

Universities” after Doha agreement 2011. 


Member of “Committee for Preparing Document on National Social Policies”, 

Ministry of Social Welfare and Security. 


Member of “Committee for the Study of Land Tenure Problems” at the Federal 

Governance Bureau. 


Participated with in an experts panel for the appraisal of Darfur Community 

Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF) grant applications managed by UNDP 

(October 25 to November 5, 2012). 


Participated in peer reviewing the UNEP supported review report on the Sudan 

environmental policy and legal frameworks at federal level that influence natural 

resource management (including land tenure) within Darfur. (November 9-30, 






- 6 -



Member of the (Advisory Group) for a World Bank funded project under the 

title “Improving Livestock Production & Marketing (ILPM)” in collaboration 

with the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Khartoum. (2010-2011). 


Development of Academic Curriculum/ Syllabus 


Member  of  Technical  Committee  for  Curriculum/Syllabus  of  M.Sc.  programme 

by  courses,  Department  of  Sociology  &  Social  Anthropology,  University  of 

Khartoum (2015). 


Member  of  Technical  Committee  for  Curriculum/Syllabus  of  the  Department  of 

Sociology & Social Anthropology, University of Gedaref (2014). 


Member  of  Technical  Committee  for  Assessing  Curriculum/Syllabus  of  the 

Department of Sociology, University of El-Fashir 


Member  of  Technical  Committee  for  Curriculum/Syllabus,  M.Sc.  Program  on 

Gender and Peace Studies, Ahfad University for Women (2008). 


Member  of  Technical  Committee  for  Curriculum/  Syllabus  of  the  Sudanese 

Military College (1984-1985). 


Chairperson,  Academic  Reform  Committee,  Department  of  Anthropology  and 

Sociology, University of Khartoum (1983/85). 


Consultancy Work 


Participated in the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) in preparation for 

the Doha Donor Conference on Darfur Reconstruction and Development 

Strategy (15 September to 15 October 2012). 


Participated in authoring a report on Traditional Authorities Peacemaking Role 

in Darfur for the United States Institute for Peace, Washington DC in the period 

July 2011 to March 2012. 


Participated in the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) as an advisor in 

issues pertaining to customary land tenure and tribal reconciliation. The 25 

person mission was managed by UNDP and lasted for one and a half month 

(July-December 2006). Participants representing diverse fields of knowledge 

(environmental, biological, engineering and social sciences) were asked to assess 

the situation and draw plans for rehabilitation and reconstruction of Darfur 

following the peace agreement signed in Doha, Qatar in July 2011 (DDPD). 


Participating as a member of a study team contracted by the World Bank to 

assess “Social Dimensions of Large-Scale Acquisition of Land Rights in Sudan”. 

The report was submitted in May 2010. 


Participated with other two international experts in executing a Consultancy on 

land and property issues in Darfur for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue 

(Geneva) and UN-HABITAT in the period November 2009 to January 2010. 

The primary objective of the consultancy is to assess and identify the factual and 

legal situation with respect to land and property issues caused by the ongoing 

conflict in Darfur, including the occupation and destruction of property. The 

report also assessed current challenges and examined possible practical solutions 

to address them.  


Participated in a project that included research and training components that was 





- 7 -


managed by Faculty of Community Development & Women Studies at Gedarif 

University under the title “Promotion of Agricultural Land Tenure Accessibility, 

Security and Productivity for Women in Gedarif State”. It was funded by the 

Embassy of Switzerland, Khartoum. The project lasted for a duration of six 

months starting from August 2008. 


Participated in the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission (DJAM) as an advisor in 

issues pertaining to customary land tenure and tribal reconciliation. The 25 

person mission was managed by UNDP and lasted for 5 months (July-December 

2006). Participants representing diverse fields of knowledge (environmental, 

biological, engineering and social sciences) were asked to assess the situation 

and draw plans for rehabilitation reconstruction of Darfur following the peace 

agreement signed in Abuja, Nigeria in May 2006 (DPA). 


Participated with FAO team to promote discussion on land issues in Darfur. The 

activity included writing a report on customary tenure systems and conducting 

public workshops in El-Fasher, Nyala and Geneina. (July-December 2005). 


Research Fund Raising&Coordination 


Applicant and coordinator of research fundfrom the Programme Management Unit 

African Union Research Grant Department of Human Resources, Science and 

Technology African Union Commission (Grant Contract Identification Number: 

AURG/2/066/2012) for research project: “Mapping of water conflicts and best 

management practices in pastoralist areas in the Sahel region - create in-depth 

knowledge, develop an interdisciplinary research methodology and transfer the 

know-how to all relevant stakeholders”. (December 2012 – December 2015). 

(Grant amount: 548,000.0 Euro). 


Applicant and country coordinator of fund from Volkswagen Foundation in 

Germany as part of its initiative: “Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative 

Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa: Violence, its Impact, Coping Strategies 

and Peace Building” for a research project on “Travelling Models in Conflict 

Management: A comparative research and network building project in six African 

countries”. (2006-2009). (Grant amount: 19168.17 Euro). 


Papers and Scientific Conferences, Workshops, Meetings & Symposia 


Capacity Building Workshop on Strengthening Justice and the Rule of Law: The 

Design of the Judiciary and its Role in Enforcing the Constitution” from 



 May 2016 until Wednesday 11


 May 2016 took place at the Corinthia 

Hotel in Khartoum, Sudan. Workshop organized by Max Planck Foundation for 

International Peace and the Rule of Law. 


“Assisting Regional Universities in Sudan and South Sudan (ARUSS)” First 

Plenary Meeting 2-3 March 2016. Mokhlis Resort, Medani. Presented a paper 

“Unpleasant Homecoming: The Predicament of Returning Pastoralists from South 

Sudan to Aljabalain, White Nile State”. 


Workshop on the “Design and Implementation of a Decentralised 

Constitutional System: Interrelationship between Levels of Government” on 

4-7 April 2016, Pretoria, South Africa. Workshop organised by Max Planck 





- 8 -


Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law and faculty of Law, 

University of Pretoria. 


Roundtable on Governance Issues in The Multi-Stakeholder Responses to The 

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa, African Union Headquarters, 

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Monday, 4 April 2016. Organised by African Union, 

Oxfam U. K. and African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of SSRC New York.  


Second Training Workshop for the program's 2015 cohort of individual research 

grantees and residential postdoctoral fellows. Workshop organized by African 

Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), in 

collaboration with the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) of Addis 

Ababa University, Ethiopia. The workshop took place at the Addis Ababa campus 

of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), December l-4, 2015. 


Assisting Regional Universities in Sudan and South Sudan (ARUSS) Annual 

Conference; Presented report on “Returning pastoralists from South Sudan in 

Aljabalain, south White Nile State”. Held at Regional Institute for Gender, Peace 

and Rights, Ahfad University for Women 4-6 November 2015. 


NORHED Borderland Dynamics in East Africa. A Network Program for Capacity 

Building within Departments of Social Anthropology in East African 

Universities.“Research Seminar” Organized by the Social Anthropology 

Department of Addis Ababa University, held at Aphrodite Hotel in Addis Ababa, 

Ethiopia from 5th-9th October, 2015. 


NORHED Borderland Dynamics in East Africa. A Network Program for Capacity 

Building within Departments of Social Anthropology in East African Universities. 

“Supervisors' Refresher Course” Co-organized by OSSREA & Social 

Anthropology Department of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda 27





July 2015. 


First Training Workshop for the APN‟s 2015 cohort of individual research 

grantees. Workshop organized by African Peacebuilding Network (APN) of the 

Social Science Research Council (SSRC), in collaboration with the University of 

Botswana, Department of Political and Administrative Studies, The workshop 

took place at the University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana, from July 8–10, 



Assisting Regional Universities in Sudan and South Sudan (ARUSS) Workshop: 

Training and Research Presentations. Regional Institute for Gender, Peace and 

Rights Ahfad University for Women, 18- 21 February 2015. 


Andromaque Conference on “Anthropology of Law in African & Asian Muslim 

Worlds”, Organized by Jacque Berque Centre in Rabat, Morocco (26-28





Presented a paper titled “Voluntary Ethnic Associations in Urban Areas and its 

Role in National Integration: A Framework for Discussion” in an experts meeting 

organized by Ministry for Cabinet Affaires in Khartoum (November 13, 2013). 


Presented a paper titled “Current Challenges in Solving Land Rights Problems in 

Darfur” in a workshop “prospects for solving the Darfur problem” organized by 

National Umma Party at Ahfad University, Omdurman, Sudan (November 4, 





- 9 -




Participated with a paper titled “Problems of Diversity Management and National 

Integration in Sudan” in a Symposia organized by Sudan Democracy First Group 

in Nairobi, Kenya (September 20-23, 2013). 


“The Role of Quality Education in Cultural Transformation: Framework for 

Discussion”, Presented at New Generation University College Workshop on 

“Academic Excellence in Higher Learning Institutions for Quality Community 

Service and Transformation”, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (10 May, 2013). 


Participated in the Doha Darfur Donor meeting with UNDP lead expert panel to 

present the Darfur Strategy for Reconstruction and Development (7/8 April, 



“How to put models into practice? African perspectives on technologies of 

ordering in legal, organizational and medical contexts: A conference for Richard 

Rottenburg”, Halle/Saale (Germany) 8 – 9 February 2013, 

FranckescheStiftungen: EnglischerSaal. 


Workshop for assessing “The Micro-Macro Project on Peace Building in Sudan” 

and the project for “Assisting Regional Universities in Sudan” from 17 to 21 

February 2013 at the headquarters of the Organization for Social Science in East 

and Southern Africa (OSSREA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 


Presented a lecture on June 28, 2012 at the Anthropological Colloquium at 

Bayreuth University, Germany under the title: “Reshaping Identity Politics: 

Capitalizing on the Shari‟a Debate in the Sudan”. 


Discussant for the round table “Adaptation and Creativity in the Translation of 

Circulating Technologies and Significations” held during VAD Tagung 2012 / 

Köln 30.05. – 02.06.2012 under the title “Embattled Spaces – Contested 



“The Retribalization of the Educated Elite and the Phenomenon of Tribal Shura 

Councils”. Paper presented at workshop on Post Secession Sudans: Challenges 

and Prospects, organized by CMI Bergen, Norway (16/17 January 2012) 


Conducted a class and participated as a member of the steering committee for 

“International Summer School”, September 30 to October 6, 2011, Co-organized 

by University of Khartoum, University of Leipzig & University of Halle (SFB 

586) and Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale. 


Moderated a meeting to discuss a report on “Civil Society in Darfur: The Missing 

Peace” Organized by The Institute for the Development of Civil Society (IDCS) 

and the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Grand Holiday Villa, Khartoum 

(December 2, 2010). 


"Out of Sight Out of Mind: Coping Strategies and the Plight of Darfuri IDPs in 

Khartoum State". Paper presented at The International Conference on Population 

Mobility organized by the Faculty of Economic & Social Studies, University of 

Khartoum, Sharga Hall (2-3 November 2010) 


“Ethnicity and National Integration in Sudan: The Model of Ethnic association in 

Urban Centres”, Lecture presented (in Arabic) at Knowledge Pillars Centre, 





- 10 -


Khartoum, August 2010.  


“Understanding the Dynamics of Armed Conflict in Sudan: Contextualizing 

Inter-Communal Conflicts in the Three Areas and its Implications for the 

Protection of Civilians“. A lecture presented for the Protection of Civilians 

(POC) section of UNMIS internal workshop (2-6 June 2010)  


“The legal framework for peace and reconciliation in Darfur”. A jointly 

organized workshop by The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law 

and International Law in Heidelberg and The Peace Research Institute of the 

University of Khartoum, Heidelberg, Germany, from 21/2/2010 to 4/3/2010.  


"Grantees Symposium of the Funding Initiative 'Knowledge for Tomorrow - 

Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa' of the Volkswagen 

Foundation" held in Bayreuth, Germany from February 17th to 20th 2010. I 

Participated as a member of the Volkswagen Foundation sponsored project 

"Travelling Models in Conflict Management'.  


Stakeholders‟ workshop “Alternative Political Organizations and Constitutional 

Options for Balancing Ethnic Diversity and Enhancing Unity, Stability and 

Development in the Horn Africa” held in Djibouti between January 25th and 

January 29th 2010. Workshop organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Rule of 

Law Program for Sub-Saharan Africa. 


“Contestation of Land Rights and Intertribal Conflicts in Darfur: Scarcity of 

Resources or Crises of Governance”. Paper presented at a Conference on 

Environmental and Resource Issues as Factors in African Conflicts, with Special 

Attention to the Case of Darfur - Organized by University for Peace Africa 

Programme, Addis Ababa, 20-23 July 2009.  


“Judiya: A Means for Conflict Management and Peace-building in Darfur” (in 

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- 11 -



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- 12 -



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Phenomenon of Tribal Shura Councils, with a Special Reference to the Furl 

Shura Council”. CMI Bergen, Norway, Sudan Working Paper (SWP) 5. (15). 


Organization of Workshops & Conferences 


Chairperson of organizing committee for workshop on "Sustainable Use of 

Natural Resources, Combating Desertification and Prevention of Violent 

Conflicts". Co-organized by Department of Sociology & social Anthropology, 

University of Khartoum & SUNARPA in Khartoum/ Sudan. (February 20-27, 



Secretary of steering committee for “International Summer School” Co-organized 

by Department of Sociology & social Anthropology, University of Khartoum and 

University of Halle and Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/ 

Germany in Khartoum/ Sudan. (September 30 - October 6, 2011). 


Chairperson of organizing committee for “The International Conference on 

Population Mobility” Organized by the Faculty of Economic & Social Studies, 

University of Khartoum/ Sudan. (November 2-3, 2010). 


Chairperson of organizing committee Final Workshop  of the project “Travelling 

Models In Conflict Management” co-organized by Department of Sociology & 

Social Anthropology, University of Khartoum & University of Halle Wittenberg, 

Germany and Funded By The Volkswagen Foundation in Khartoum/ Sudan 

(February 10-14, 2009). 


Member  of organizing committee for Conference on “Anthropology in the Sudan: 

Past, Present and Future” organized by the Department of Sociology & Social 

Anthropology on the occasion of celebrating its 50th anniversary, Khartoum/ 

Sudan. (October 2008). 


Member of organizing committee for conference on "Law and development in the 

contemporary societies of the Middle East and North Africa" co-organized by 

Department of Anthropology & Middle Eastern Studies Centre, University of 

California, Berkeley, U.S.A. (May 28 - 29, 1983). 


Referee for Scientific Journals  


World Development (Journal). (2016) 


Journal of the Saudi Sociological & Social Work Society. (2016) 


Dialogue (Journal of Peace Research Centre, University of Khartoum). (2014) 





- 15 -



Social Research (Journal of the Social Research Centre, Khartoum). (2013) 


Sudan Journal for Economic & Social Studies (University of Khartoum). (2009-



Human Studies Journal (University of Dongla). (2009) 


Adaab (Journal of the Faculty of Arts (University of Khartoum). (2003) 


Scientific research Journal (Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Islamic University, 

Riyadh). (2002). 


Referee for Books  


Ahmed, M A (2008) Introduction to Social Anthropology (in Arabic). The 

Administration of Printing, Publishing & Arabization, University of Khartoum. 


Osman, O M (2013) Reading and Commentary for Ladislav Holy‟s book on 

Religion and Custom in Berti Society. The Administration of Printing, Publishing 

& Arabization, University of Khartoum. 


Future Plans 

The following books and research are under consideration:- 


Sudanese Communities: A Sociological Reader (in Arabic). 


Ethnic Diversity, Multiple Identification and National Integration in Sudan (in 



Sociological Perspectives on the Future of Land Tenure Problems in Darfur (in 



Hospitality and Conspicuous Consumption of Food in Social Occasions (in 


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