Nancy Reagan July 6, 1921 March 6, 2016

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Nancy Reagan

July 6, 1921 - March 6, 2016

Photo courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential 

Library and Museum

The LHT Ceremonial Funeral Team, an affiliate of SCI, was honored to provide funeral services for former first lady Nancy Reagan. The 

team, which previously collaborated with the Reagan family for the services of President Reagan, worked closely with the U.S. Military and the 

Reagan Foundation to orchestrate and execute the six-day event. Gates Kingsley and Gates Moeller Murphy Funeral Directors in Santa Monica

California also provided support and assistance throughout the event. 

Nearly 7,000 visitors paid their respects during a public visitation at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a two-day public visitation. The 

funeral service on Friday, March 11 was attended by 1,000 invited guests including former President George W. Bush, first lady Michelle Obama

former first ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter, journalists, notable figures and close relatives and friends of the Reagan 

family. Mrs. Reagan was later interred next to her husband on the library grounds.


LHT Consulting Group, LLC is a subsidiary of SCI that serves high net worth and notable individuals. The LHT Ceremonial Funeral Team, led by some 

of the finest veteran funeral directors in the nation, implements plans set forth by the consulting group. They are experts in operations, logistics and 

funeral protocol and remain on call 24/7 in preparation for deployment anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. 

Learn more about LHT here.

The LHT Ceremonial Team are pictured leaving 

the Reagan residence.

Ventura County public servants stood 

guard during the two-day public visitation.

Nancy Reagan’s lasting legacy was highlighted 

at the Reagan Presidential Library.

Reagan Museum volunteers lined the drive to the 

Reagan Presidential Library as the motorcade passes.

American flags, tributes and signs of patriotism 

decorated southern California. 

Coverage of the March 11 service ran on 

multiple news outlets. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Ceremonial Funeral Team

Pictured (L-R) Erin Hickey, John DeBord

Mike Ross, Larry Michael, Raymer Pry, Bob 

Boetticher, Jim Simpson, Duane Hills, Rod 

Gomez, Melissa Pitalo (Not pictured: Bob 

Dowson, Steven Mahrle, Stanley Scott)

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