New Business Red Bull uk is currently recruiting for a Business Development Manager New Business, Grocery & eCommerce to be based in the uk

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8. New business

New Business
Red Bull UK is currently recruiting for a Business Development Manager - New Business, Grocery & eCommerce to be based in the UK.
The role is responsible for achievement of volume, profit and net revenue targets in existing customers and developing new business across Grocery and eCommerce customers through interacting closely with the wider Monsoon Valley business including National Account teams and Marketing teams.

Areas that play to your strengths
All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:
Achievement of agreed volume & profit plan by account.
Deliver against targets, which are driven by a clear business plan that caters to both Customer and Monsoon Valley priorities. Evaluation of activity within account with learning’s applied.
Grow in Grocery
Grow Red Bull Horizontal Distribution within the Grocery Universe through developing market leading category stories and growing Monsoon Valley Brand relevance within the sector
New Business
Lead the Grocery and eCommerce New Business agenda covering all sectors of the market. Formulate and execute a strategy to grow Monsoon Valley distribution with those customers who currently stock a range of wines.
Customer Contact Strategy
Proactively manage customer contact strategy in order to remove obstacles to progress. Timely meetings with contacts to ensure development of overall business plan. Instigate and follow up top to top meetings with selected customers, drive operational delivery.
Monsoon Valley Contact Strategy
Build and maintain internal contact strategy to help meet overall account targets. To include category, logistics and finance. Drive Grocery, eCommerce and new business strategy, liaising strongly with key internal stakeholders such as Head of Sales, Sales Director, Monsoon Valley Marketing Manager, Commercial Finance & International Team.
Category Expertise
To become an expert in category, consumer and customer covering both your customer base and Monsoon Valley. Positive decisions based on insight both sought and made available. Work closely with internal category contact.
Brand Advocate
To be a brand advocate to your customers, the trade and Monsoon Valley and mirror the brand values in order to deliver enhanced brand perception at all times.
Forecasting and development
Forecast, track & evaluate development of all relevant accounts in order to be able to make well informed, accurate and timely business decisions. Ensure accurate forecasts of volume, profit and point of sale material

Your areas of knowledge and expertise

  • We value experience over formal education.

  • Proven track record of achievement in within a commercial environment

  • Demonstration of prior high learning agility

  • Experience of negotiating and running a joint business plan

  • Evidence of utilizing and driving a customer contact strategy

  • Excellent communication, organizational and presentation skills

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