Night Notes Pages 47-65 German Tent Leader

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Night Notes

  • Pages 47-65

German Tent Leader

  • Physical Description

    • “Assassins face, fleshy lips, hands resembling a wolf’s paws.”
      • Predatory character
  • Interest in children

    • Preparation of effects (set-up)
      • Gives children food – we think he is kind.
      • Why he gives them food – we think is a monster.


  • Change in character

    • Former student → Evil, sadistic prisoner
    • Wants Elie’s gold tooth
      • “All of the sudden, this pleasant and intelligent young man had changed. His eyes were shining with greed” (Wiesel 55).
    • Abuses Elie’s father
      • In order to protect his father, Elie becomes a father-figure (role reversal).
      • Idek also abuses Elie’s father
      • Elie → Angry at father
        • Starts to see his father as a burden. (54)

Keeping Faith

  • Yossi and Tibbi –

  • Akiba Drummer

    • “Still lost in his Kabbalistic dreams, Akiba Drummer had discovered a verse from the Bible which, translated into numbers, made it possible for him to predict Redemption in the weeks to come” (Wiesel 51).

The Dentist

  • Wants Elie’s gold crown

  • Is arrested for profiting on the crowns.

  • Elie’s change –

    • “I felt no pity for him. In fact, I was pleased with what was happening to him: my gold crown was safe.
      • Elie takes pleasure from the suffering of others.

Idek Scene

  • Idek

    • Attacks Elie without reason.
      • Shows his animalistic, savage personality.
      • For Idek, this beating is simply a game.
  • French Girl

    • Breaks her silence.
      • Silence → Leads to destruction / inhumanity
    • Gives Elie hope.


  • Fear → Entertainment

    • “We were not afraid. And yet, if a bomb had fallen on the blocks, it would have claimed hundreds of inmates’ lives. But we no longer feared death…Every bomb that hit filled us with joy” (60).
    • “The SS were back at their posts in the watchtowers, behind their machine guns. Intermission was over” (61).
  • Crawling Man

    • Sees his reflection.
    • Death Rattle.
    • Victory?

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