Noe knowledge Web Dissemination Activities

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NoE Knowledge Web Dissemination Activities


  • Guus Schreiber

  • Scientific Director


  • Too many invited talks / organizing / chairing / top-journal articles to mention

  • Strong presence in Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC

  • Strong presence in research-application areas

Extensive contribution to standards


  • European Association for Semantic Web Education (EASE)

  • REASE, the repository of EASE for learning units in the area of Semantic Web

  • Summer School: yearly

    • Previous two times twice overbooked
  • Shared European Master

Industry Events

  • Organiser of Industry Day forums at ESWC 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and ASWC 2006

  • Demo at WWW’06 Industry day (co-organized by area manager Studer)

  • SDC 2006, "Semaine de la Connaissance" ""the week of Knowledge"), Semantic Web Applications, June 2006,

  • Industry track RuleML 2006, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A., 9-10 November 2006

User events

  • Invited talks for user audiences

  • Examples in e-culture:

    • DIGITAL SEMANTIC CONTENT ACROSS CULTURES, Paris, the Louvre, 4-5 May 2006
    • Series of efforts with Dutch cultural heritage institutes
    • ………….

Web Services Challenge

  • Organizer of Semantic Web Services Challenge

  • (

  • This Challenge workshop seeks participation from

  • industry and academic researchers developing

  • software components and/or intelligent agents that

  • have the ability to automate mediation,

  • choreography and discovery processes between

  • Web services.

One example: SW technology for major Dutch portal

Knowledge Web Partners

  • University of Innsbruck National University of Ireland, Centre for Research and Technology EPFL

  • Galway Hellas

  • France Telecom Free University of Amsterdam Free University of Bozedn-Bolzan Freie Universitat, Berlin

  • INRIA Learning Lab Lower Saxony The Open University Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

  • University of Karlsruhe University of Sheffield University of Liverpool University of Manchester

  • Vrije Universiteti Brussel University of Trento


  • Knowledge Web (KW) is a 4 year Network

  • of Excellence that began January 1, 2004

  • with 18 partners.

  • The main goal of KW is to support the

  • transition process of Ontology technology

  • from Academia to Industry.


  • Knowledge Web Summer School

  • Summer School on Ontological Engineering and

  • the Semantic Web series. The school represents

  • an opportunity for postgraduate students to equip

  • themselves with the range of theoretical and

  • practical skills necessary for full engagement with

  • the challenges involved in developing Ontologies

  • and Semantic Web applications.

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