Northrop Grumman Space Technology a leading producer of satellite, laser and electronic systems

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Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Space Technology

  • A leading producer of satellite, laser and electronic systems

  • Both a prime contractor and a major subcontractor

  • Strategically positioned to leverage and capitalize on advanced technologies

  • 7950 employees

  • 2006 sales of $2.9 billion*

  • Headquartered in Redondo Beach, California

What Is Mission Excellence?

The Journey to Mission Excellence

Three Axes of Mission Excellence

NGST Subcontracts/Suppliers Overview

NGST’s Source Management

NGST’s Source Management (Cont)

NGST’s Source Management (cont)

Cross-Value-Stream Challenges

Lessons Learned on a Recent Program

Understanding Predictive “Trip Wires”

Cross-Value-Stream Collaboration

The Journey Is Everything

Topics for Discussion

  • Requirements

  • Parts, Materials & Processes

    • Counterfeit parts
    • Lead-free initiative
    • Prohibited material screening
  • Assessments

    • Make-buy decisions
    • Supplier rating/source selection
    • Predictive indicators of subcontractor/supplier issues
    • Perceptive measures of subcontractor/supplier performance
  • Value Stream

    • Collaboration across traditional borders (customer-contractor, prime-sub, cross-competitor)
    • Management of lower-tier subcontractors and suppliers

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