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Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City, state, zip: _____________________________________________

Check one:

( ) Individual $30 / ( ) Family $50 / ( ) Business $100

( ) Youth, 18 and under $5

If you would like to become a benefactor of the

historical society, a donation of $500 or more entitles

you to lifetime membership.

Any special interest or skills: _____________________________




How to contact us

The West Pasco Historical Society operates

the Rao Musunuru, M. D., Museum and

Library in Sims Park. Our mailing address is:

West Pasco Historical Society, 6431 Circle

Blvd., New Port Richey FL 34652. Our

telephone number is 727-847-0680.

Our email address is

Our web site is at




Preserving and sharing our

local history, in the little old

schoolhouse in Sims Park.

About the WPHS

The exhibits at the museum recall our local

history. They represent entities such as Zane

Rankin’s Grocery, Dr. Edwin C. Brookman’s

medical office, the Hacienda Hotel, and the

home of movie star Thomas Meighan.

Our library stocks many books about Florida

history and almost every book that has been

published about Pasco County history.

Our gift shop stocks local history books,

works of fiction by local authors, and

historical memorabilia.

We have preserved almost every surviving

issue of the New Port Richey Press, the

community’s local weekly newspaper, from

1918 to the 1960s. They have been

laminated and can be viewed in the library.

We recently digitized the newspapers from

1918 to 1947 to ensure their long-term


Our web site includes more information

about the historical society, and a link to

thousands of old photographs we have

scanned at a photo-sharing site known as


One of our board members has recently

published a history of New Port Richey, and

another board member maintains a web site

with a vast amount of information about

Pasco County history.

Join us and become a


History of the

historical society

The West Pasco Historical Society was

formed in 1973. Julie Obenreder served as

our first President. Members originally met

at various locations around town, and the

growing number of donated local items were

stored in members’ garages.

The first goal of the new historical society

was to publish a hard-cover history of

western Pasco County. In 1975, West Pasco’s

Heritage was published by a local printer,

and written entirely without the help of the


In 1981, Alex Acey donated to the WPHS an

old residence on Little Road which was built

in 1915 and initially served for ten years as

the two-room Seven Springs schoolhouse.

The historical society moved the building to

Sims Park over several days in October 1981

and, after extensive renovation, dedicated

the building as our museum on Jan. 16, 1983.

In 1992 the library addition was built.

The interior of the building was extensively

remodeled in 2010 and 2011. At the grand

re-opening ceremony on Sept. 10, 2011, the

museum was re-named the Rao Musunuru,

M. D., Museum and Library, in honor of a

significant benefactor.

If you become a member of the West Pasco

Historical Society, you’ll be supporting our

mission of acquiring and sharing our local

history, and you can participate in this

process. You’ll receive by mail our quarterly

newsletter to keep up with what’s going on,

and notifications by post card or email of

scheduled events, such as speakers on local

history on Saturdays.

The museum is currently open on Fridays

and Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. By

volunteering you can help your community,

learn something new, have fun, and make

new friends. If you have special skills, they

may be just what we need.

The museum has expanded hours during

certain events such as the Chasco Fiesta. And

we are happy to arrange tours at other hours

convenient for your group.

There is no charge for admission to the

museum, although donations are welcome.

Our staff consists entirely of volunteers.

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