"Open Mic Night"

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"Open Mic Night"

  • "Open Mic Night"

  • at the high school auditorium on the 17th of

  • January at 7:00pm.

  • Admission is free

  • Open to people of all ages

  • "come listen to some of the local talent"

Watson Lake Presents Kiki Karnaval’s Annual

  • Watson Lake Presents Kiki Karnaval’s Annual

  • Recreational Hockey Tournament

  • February 14th - 16th 2013

  • For more information please contact

  • Valarie Shepherd at (867)334-2848 or

  • Email: valarie.shepherd09@ gmail.com

  • Registration Deadline is

  • February 3rd, 2013

  • All fees must be paid before your team will be permitted on the ice!

  • Looking for certified Referees also!

Curling Lounge fun Nights





  • WEEKENDS 11:00 AM – DUSK


  • WEDNESDAY 6:30 – 9:30 PM

  • FRIDAYS 6:30 – 10:00 PM




Signpost Dental Clinics

  • Dr. Amanda Sinclair will be in Watson Lake from

  • January 20th to 24th, 2014

  • To work in the dental office

  • Please call Alder Brook Dental @ 867-668-3909 in

  • Whitehorse to book your appointment

Looking for your feedback!!

  • Looking for your feedback!!

  • 1. Do you think the Rec Centre should be

  • open on Sunday’s?

  • 2. If so what do you think are reasonable

  • hours to be open?

  • We are open 15.5 hours a day… Monday

  • to Friday (8am to 11:30pm) and 8 hours

  • on Saturdays (10am to 6pm)

  • For a total of 85.5 hours per week

Lotteries Yukon

  • Watson Lake Community Lotteries Program is available to all Watson Lake area non profit organizations

  • New Guideline and application forms available at the Rec Centre

  • Deadlines for applications are January 15th, May 15th and September

  • 15th

Rules and Requirements:

  • Rules and Requirements:

  • All contestants will ‘weigh in’ and have

  • measurements taken at the beginning of the

  • challenge. This will NOT be public, only I will

  • know your results!

  • After the initial weigh in and measurements there will

  • be one every week on a specified day. These will not

  • be public either.

  • Results will be measured in percentage to make it

  • fair, as we are all different weights and sizes

  • There will be an entry fee of $100/person The

  • challenge will run for 3 months/90 days with mini-

  • wins every month.

  • The BIGGEST LOSER will be the final winner at the

  • end with a CASH PRIZE! The more to enter the

  • bigger the prize!

  • I will supply packages with information on healthy

  • meal options and substitutes as well as work

  • out programs for maximum weight loss.

  • Have fun, get healthy and challenge yourself!


  • Zumba

  • Every Thursday at 8pm @ the Rec Centre

  • Our instructor was trained in Vancouver.

  • This is open everyone of all shapes and

  • Sizes. Wear comfy clothes

  • $5 per session or purchase a monthly or 10 time

  • punch pass and come for free

Every Monday & Wednesday

  • Every Monday & Wednesday

  • 6pm to 7pm

  • Up stairs at the Rec Centre

  • $5 per class or you must have a monthly or 10 time punch pass for the Rec Centre

If you are calling the Watson Lake Health Centre, here are the numbers to remember:

  • If you are calling the Watson Lake Health Centre, here are the numbers to remember:

  • Watson Lake Health Centre – main line 536-5255

  • Child Development 536-5254

  • Home Care 536-5256

  • Fax line 536-5258

Dis & Dat Cafe

  • Dis & Dat Cafe

  • New operators with a new menu

  • Open at 11am

  • Lunch and Supper served

  • 536-2047

  • Eat in or Take out Located in the Recreation Centre

The Hours have changed!!

Recreation Centre hours of operation

Recreation Centre policy on Children and Youth

  • As you may all be aware all children coming to the recreation centre unsupervised must be 12 years of age or older. All children under 10 must be supervised by someone 16+.

  • This does not include children registered with our after school program or any other children's program that may be going on.

  • All youth under 16 will not be allowed in the Rec Centre after 10pm on school nights. You have homework and you need your sleep!!

Greyhound Depot Hours

  • Monday to Friday

  • 9am to Noon & 5pm to 11:30pm

  • (Closed between noon and 5pm)

  • Saturday

  • 10am to 6pm

  • Sunday


Greyhound Bus Schedule


  • From the South

  • (Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake

  • & Whitehorse)

  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

  • Arrives @ 11:05pm

  • Leaves to Whitehorse @ 11:20pm

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