Opportunities by Size

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Opportunities by Size

  • Opportunities by Size

    • Utility Scale
    • Distributed Commercial
    • Distributed Residential
  • Opportunities by Technology

PSE Wind Projects

Located at Wild Horse Wind Farm near Ellensburg, WA

Renewable Energy in the Northwest

  • Looking Forward

Renewable Energy in the Northwest

  • Caveats

Levelized Resource Cost Comparison

Biomass -- Active Opportunities

Green Power Program

  • Green Power Program

    • Support for new, regional, small renewables
    • REC-based program
    • Primary supplier is Bonneville Environmental Foundation
    • Provides customer choice

Green Power – Sales Growth

Single Farm- Anaerobic Digester

  • Single Farm- Anaerobic Digester

  • First in Washington State

  • Number of units -1 Reciprocating engine

  • Nominal output 300 kW (potential to 450 kW)

    • Project output ~2,000 MWh
    • Project costs ~$1M ($4,000/kW)
    • 1,500 Cows
  • PSE Involvement

    • Power Purchase
    • RECs
    • Interconnection
  • Construction completed fall 2004

Growth in Customer Renewables

PSE Net Meter Customers

PSE Solar Demonstration Projects

    • Net Metering Services for Customer-Generator Systems (Schedule 150)
      • Net metering up to 100 KW
      • Surplus energy credited to customer bill
      • Eligible resources: wind, solar, anaerobic digester, hydro
    • Renewable Energy Production Incentive Payment Program (Schedule 151 works with either Schedule 150 or Schedule 91)
      • Production payments, meters AC energy before load
      • Eligible resources: wind, solar, anaerobic digester
    • Cogeneration and Small Power Production (Schedule 91)
      • Renewable production up to 2 MW
      • Current payment ~ $.077/kWh

Renewable Energy in the Northwest

Concentrating Solar Power

Proposed NW Geothermal

Wave & Tidal Power in the Northwest

Puget Sound Algae – Blue Marble

Technology Development

Technology Development and Financial Support

Basic Research Funding

Partnership Model for Early Commercial

Renewable Energy in the Northwest

  • Discussion

Resources Vary by Region

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