Otterbein Early Education Center in Mount Wolf is looking for a qualified individual to co-teach in our preschool classroom

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Otterbein Early Education Center in Mount Wolf is looking for a qualified 

individual to co-teach in our preschool classroom. 


Minimum Qualifications: 


* A bachelors or associates degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary 

Ed, Child Development or Special Education with at least 30 ECE credits. 


Responsibilities include preparing and implementing age appropriate activities 

in accordance with center's vision, NAEYC standards and the PA Early 

Learning Standards. You will also be responsible for observations, assessments 

and ongoing professional development. 


This is a full-time position beginning August 12. 


For more information or to obtain an application, please contact the center 

director, Wendy Latshaw at 717-266-0114 or


Salary varies based on education level.



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