Part one put to be form I a student

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Test for beginner 1

PART ONE Put to be form
1. I _____ a student.
2. She _____ a nurse.
3. He _____ a doctor.
4. They _____ books.
5. It _____ a chair.
6. You _____ a teacher.
7. We _____ students.
8. He _____ fat.
9. Suda _____ tall.
10. My father … on Sunday. A) don’t works B) don’t work C) doesn’t work
11. . … he … his mother every day? A) does/helps B) do/helps C) does/help D) do/help
12. Tom … football on Saturday. A) plays B) play C) playing D) to play
13. I … to see my father. A) wants B) doesn’t want C) want D) wanting
14. . I … in the daytime. A) don’t sleep B) doesn’t sleep C) not to sleep D) not sleeping
15. . I … a letter to her very often. A) writes B) write C) writing D) to write
16. On Sunday we sometimes … to the cinema. A) is go B) go C) goes D) are go
17. I have taken many …
A) photoes B) photoiesC) photos D) photo
18. Do you know the … this new film?
A) heroes B) heros
19 … name is Saida
A) Her B) His C) She D) She’s
20. Behzod is … friend. … knows maths very well.
A) my/Him B) me/She C) mine/He D) my/He
21.Malika and I are very tired. ... are going to bed
A) We B) Us C) Ourselves D) You
22.Horses are strong animals. … drink a lot of water.
A) He B) She C) It D) They
23. Do you know … name?
A) hers B) his C) mine D) yours
24. Maftuna is a liar. Don’t believe …
A) him B) her C) them D) it
25. Is this … book?
A) she B) her C) hers D) herself
26. Behzod is … friend. … knows maths very well.
A) my/Him B) me/She C) mine/He D) my/He
27. There are three … A) bus B) buses C) bus’s
28. There … many houses here. A) is B) are
29. My … is long. A) hair B) hairs
30. I have four …A) photo B) photoes C) photos
31. . I … in Bukhara. A) live B) lives
32. They … nice people. A) are B) is C) do D) does
33.My sister … to school. A) go B) goes C) going D) to go
34. . My working day … at seven o’clock. A) begin B) begins C) does begin D) do begin
35. . She … French well. A) speaks B) speak C) does speak D) talk
36. I … my sister to school every day. A) takes B) take C) taking D) does take
37. . They usually … to the river for a swim. A) to go B) goes C) go D) does go
38. She … dinner every Monday. A) cooks B) cook C) is cook D) does cook
39. The baby always … after dinner. A) sleeps B) sleep C) does sleep D) sleeping
40. They … … many books. A) don’t read B) don’t reads C) doesn’t read D) doesn’t read
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