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Bolster sales. Challenges it poses

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Bolster sales.

Challenges it poses: This is by no means an exhaustive list, though some small-business owners consider public relations to be exhausting. It's not because of a lack of excitement or variety but a lack of control. In other words, you can stage the most newsworthy press conference, distribute the most polished press kit and offer the most riveting visuals. But still there is no guarantee that any “free advertising” will materialize.
Even in the most skilled, professional hands, public relations is a gamble. This is why marketing professionals try to head off disappointment by warning their clients: If it's a guaranteed placement you seek, purchase an ad instead.
How you can expect to pay: Clearly, you can spend as much or as little as you wish on public relations. You will see results, but only if your PR is threaded strategically and you give the initiatives time to work.

Evaluate Sales Promotion for Your Communication Mix

Opportunities it presents: Few tactics can pique curiosity and generate sales like promotions. They run the gamut and can include coupons, discounts, sample and premium give-aways, two-for deals, loyalty programs, free shipping, sweepstakes, contests and rebates. Sales promotions are often the lifeblood of new businesses, which must find a way to stand out and make their presence known in a crowded marketplace.
Challenges it poses: Over the long term, sales promotions require a deft and restrained hand. It's true that consumers love “freebies.” But it's also true that consumers can become skeptical of a business that hands out too many. In other words, an abundance or a steady stream of sales promotions can run the risk of impugning a brand and undercutting its value and prestige. This helps explain why frequent flyer programs have been so successful for the airlines; the programs are singular and focused on only one goal: rewarding loyal customers.

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