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Perry Adebar (UBC)

  • Perry Adebar (UBC)

  • Ken Elwood (UBC)

  • David Lau (Carleton)

  • Pierre Léger (Ecole Poly)

  • Bruno Massicotte (Ecole Poly)

  • Denis Mitchell (McGill)

  • Dan Palermo (UofO)

  • Patrick Paultre (USherbrooke)

  • Jean Proulx (USherbrooke)

  • Murat Saatcioglu (UofO)

  • Robert Tremblay (Ecole Poly)

Literature Review

  • Literature Review

    • Access to the Japanese database on FRP, concrete, and steel jacketing of columns (Elwood)
    • Review of experimental research on Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UPFRC) as seismic retrofit material (Massicotte)
    • Use of concrete-filled hallow structural steel (HSS) sections as compression struts (Palermo and Saatcioglu)
    • A state-of-the art report on the use of FRP as innovative seismic retrofit material (Saatcioglu)

Analytical Research

  • Analytical Research

    • Correlation of analytical model predictions with experimental results of concrete shear walls retrofitted with FRP (Lau)
    • Non-linear dynamic analyses of irregular bridges to assess the effects of upgrading of critical bridge elements using innovative materials (Mitchell)
    • Analysis of ordinary and super elastic shape memory alloy (SMA) reinforced concrete shear walls (Palermo)
    • 3D nonlinear FE analysis of FRP wrapped columns (Paultre, Proulx)
    • Development of a seismic retrofit design methodology for CSA S806 (Saatcioglu)
    • Development of a bond-slip model and effective bond length design information for surface bonded FRP (Saatcioglu)

Experimental Research

  • Experimental Research

    • A test program to develop seismic retrofit methodology for surface bonded FRP on RC shear walls (Lau, Sherwood, Palermo, Saatcioglu)
    • A test program for RC columns jacketed with Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (Massicotte)
    • Pseudo-dynamic and reversed cyclic tests of RC bridge and building columns to develop a performance-based FRP seismic retrofit methodology (Paultre, Proulx)
    • A test program to develop seismic retrofit methodology involving “Super Elastic Shape Memory Alloys” (Palermo)
    • Experimental program to develop surface-bonded FRP retrofit techniques for infill and load bearing masonry walls (Saatcioglu)

Experimental Research (Cont’d)

  • Experimental Research (Cont’d)

    • Tests of non-ductile RC frames with concrete filled HSS compression only braces (Palermo, Saatcioglu)
    • Tests of non-ductile RC frames with or without masonry infill walls, retrofitted with diagonal prestressing (Saatcioglu)
    • Shake table tests of 8-storey RC shear wall models to develop FRP repair and retrofit methodologies (Tremblay, Léger)

Project 3.3 in Year 1 in original proposal was only ½ year duration

  • Project 3.3 in Year 1 in original proposal was only ½ year duration

  • Objectives were achieved and exceeded in some categories, especially if the research involved were the continuations of previous efforts

  • Need for closer collaboration on key topics for Year 2

Application of FRP as an innovative seismic retrofit material

  • Application of FRP as an innovative seismic retrofit material

    • Literature review and a state-of-the art report (in collaboration with PWGSC)

Frame-Wall Interactive Systems:

  • Frame-Wall Interactive Systems:

    • A large-scale test on a concrete “building” (shear wall – multiple floor slabs – gravity column) will be carried out under reversed cyclic loading (August 2010). The specimen will subsequently be repaired with innovative materials and retested (fall of 2010). The test program will be completed by December 2010.
    • A scaled model of an 8-storey building, consisting of frame-wall assembly, will be tested using the Ecole Polytechnique shake table, repaired with FRP and retested (December 2009). Numerical analyses of test specimen will be conducted. The analytical research will be expanded to include various modeling issues involving damping and higher mode effects (Winter 2010).

RC and Masonry Load Bearing Walls:

  • RC and Masonry Load Bearing Walls:

    • Experimental research on surface mounted FRP retrofit methodology for RC shear walls will continue. The test setup and the fabrication and testing of wall specimens will be completed by June 2010.
    • The use of super elastic SMA as an innovative material will be investigated experimentally. Two-½ scale RC shear walls will be constructed (one with ordinary reinforcement and the other with SMA reinforcement) by November 2009 and tested by December 2010.
    • A detailed hysteretic model will be developed for super elastic SMA for inclusion in nonlinear finite element analysis of RC components (Jan 2010 - Aug 2010)
    • Two concrete block walls with surface bonded FRP sheets will be designed, built and tested (Jan 2010 – Sept 2010)

Building and Bridge Columns:

  • Building and Bridge Columns:

    • The literature survey on UPFRC jacketed columns will be completed. A test program will be designed for rectangular columns with inadequate strength and detailing. Column testing will be completed by September 2010.
    • Compilation of current test data on fibre-wrapping and addition of fibre-reinforced concrete will be completed by June 2010. Analytical studies on the influence of resulting ductility improvements on the performance of bridges will be conducted by September 2010.
    • The performance-based FRP rehabilitation procedure developed for bridge piers will be refined by September 2010. The procedure will be applied in the field in collaboration with Transports Québec.

Non-ductile RC Frames:

  • Non-ductile RC Frames:

    • Three 2/3 scale non-ductile frames will be built and tested under reversed cyclic loading to develop design and detailing procedures for concrete filled HSS bracing systems (Oct 2009 – Sep 2010)
    • Two 2/3 scale non-ductile frames with and without block masonry infill walls will be built, diagonally prestressed and tested under reversed cyclic loading (Oct 2009 – Sep 2010)
    • Two frame specimens with concrete block infill walls will be designed and built for subsequent retrofitting with surface-bonded FRP (June 2010 – September 2010).
    • Two ½ scale non-ductile R/C frames that were damaged and repaired previously will be diagonally braced with HSS elements and tested (Oct 2010 – Dec 2010).

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