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  • of gymnasium №470.

Mona Lisa

  • This is “Mona Lisa”, the most famous picture of famous Italian painter, sculptor and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. A lot of people talk about what’s there on this picture, but none of them really know, who is this woman.

  • Leonardo painted “Mona Lisa” in 1503-1506, but some people say that this picture was painted in 1514.

  • Most of people think that this woman is Mona Lisa, rich Italian’s wife.

  • But many people don’t think so. For example, Russian scientist Mihail Anikin thinks that this is a symbolic picture of Christ and Maria.

  • This is another famous picture by Leonardo da Vinci – “Annunciation”. Annunciation is the day when Maria knew that she would be Christ’s mother. This picture was painted in 1472.

  • This is another famous painting. It is called “Night watch” and it was painted by Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmens van Rein in 1642. The people in the picture are Dutch warriors. In the middle of the picture there is France Banning Kok (in black) and Willem van Reitenburh (in yellow).

  • Here’s one more painting by Rembrandt. It is called “Danaya” (1636) and it is in St. Petersburg in the Hermitage. It is an illustration to a Greek myth about queen Danaya. Zeus came to her with the golden rain.

  • This is fresco “Creating of Adam” by Michelangelo Buonarotti. He painted this fresco in 1508-1512. It is in Sixt Chapel in Rome.

  • In this fresco we see creating of Adam – the first man – by God.

  • This picture is also by Michelangelo. It is called “Tondo Doni”, or “Saint Family”. Tondo is a round picture. This picture isn’t tondo at all because its height is a bit bigger then width.

  • The word “Doni” in the fresco’s name means Angelo Doni,a rich Italian, who asked Michelangelo to paint ”Saint Family”.

  • Vincent van Gogh is a famous Dutch painter and it is his famous picture – “Star night” (1889). Some people say it isn’t night because stars,the moon and galaxy are too big. But van Gogh made big stars to give this picture a lot of energy.

  • Here’s one more painting by van Gogh – “Painter’s bedroom in Arl”. Arl is a city where van Gogh lived for a long time.

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