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Bio Nüsse Europa GmbH

Pleased to meet you

Bio Nüsse Europa GmbH 

<>, they say - and it certainly is for us. 

We are a German company working with passion to provide the best quality organic 

hazelnuts to our European customers. Family-owned, family-run and family-oriented, 

we have the future in mind when we trade: sustainability in agricukture and equity in 

society are what we aim for in our role as a producer and importer.


Our Sources

 Our partners in Turkey and Azerbaijan are the cornerstone of our busi-

ness: our long-term contracts rely on trust and certification. All our partners are certi-

fied organic and their experience and careful handling make it possible for us to offer 

our partners the highest quality.  

Our Gate 

The people of Hamburg refer to the city as <> - and from 

the traditional Hanseatic city our hazelnuts enter the big wide world. Thanks to our 

warehouse in Hamburg, we can ship the day you place an order - to Germany, to Eu-

rope and overseas.

Our Turkish hazelnuts originate from Samsun, which has been the heart of hazelnut cul-

tivation for centuries. The balanced climate and the fresh sea air offer the best basis for 

a high-quality crop - certified organic for twelve years now. Zaqatala in azerbaijan on 

the other hand may be unknown to many, but for us it is a young and promising proj-

ect. Untouched by pesticides, agriculture in this land has remained traditional - and so 

our organic hazelnuts are as organic after the certification as they were before.

At the beginng is the 

nut and our farmers 

care about it. What 

started as a small 

project 12 years ago, 

grew to a big family: 

for our anniversary 

we can be proud to 

have projects on a 

total of 1.549

hectares land - nat-

urally, all certified 

organic. And as we 

only offer long-term 

partnerships to our 

farmers, their num-

ber increases every 


Kiwa BCS, Ecocert and 

Ceres - those are the 

names of our certifi-

cation bodies. Kiwa 

monitors our trading 

activities very close-

ly and ensures that 

our imports com-

ply with EU organic 

regulations. Ecocert 

and Ceres inspect 

our Turkish and Azeri 

hazelnuts (respec-

tively) before they 

are imported, so as to 

ensure that especially 

the aflatoxin levels 

are as low as they are 

supposed to be.

Due to their many de-

cades of experience, 

Eichholtz knows how 

to handle, store and to 

transport sensitive prod-

ucts. As a both IFS and 

organic certified comap-

ny, Their modern facili-

ties and high-tech storage 

systems ensure that our 

products are in the very 

best hands at the right 

temperature until we 

pass them on. Eichholtz 

makes it possible for us 

to store our hazelnuts in 

Hamburg and therefore 

ship them the day you 

place your order.

Better safe than sorry. 

Although we take all 

possible precautions 

to guarantee the 

health(iness) of our 

hazelnuts, we never-

theless employ  

Eurofins to test every 

one of our shipments. 

Eurofins’ laboratory 

uses the most ad-

vanced technology to 

obtain independent 

and reliable results. 

And Only when our  

hazelnuts pass every 

test we let them go 

their way.

Due to its high nutritional value, the hazelnut can be ranked among the healthiest of 

foods. With only 25g of hazelnuts, You can for example lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) 

and raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and recieve about 50% of your daily recommended 

dose of vitamin E . It is likewise highly beneficial for your concentration and is therefore 

a typical brain food - especially for students and high-functioning professionals.

Our farmers only produce organic hazelnuts and they have in many cases been doing so 

for over a decade: Our first project started in 2004. certified organic farming guarantees 

that our products contain no pesticides or other harmful substances and uses a gentle 

form of agriculture that seeks to minimise a negative impact on the environment. It 

also guarantees the dignity of our partners at work and its social sustainability.










roasted hazelnuts   



11-13mm and 13-15mm 


Kraft bags*

blanched hazelnuts 



11-13mm and 13-15mm 


vacuum pack*

roasted & chopped hazelnuts 


2-4mm and 4-8mm  


vacuum pack


meal/flour   0-2mm    vacuum 






* for 11-13mm and 13-15mm all packaging options marked with a * are available


Bio Nüsse Europa GmbH

see you soon 

tel. +49 40 637 430 21 

fax +49 40 637 430 22

Lübecker Straße 1 

22087 Hamburg 

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