PopMusic in Australia Berit Varvas

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PopMusic in Australia

  • Berit Varvas


  • Formed in 1977 in Australia

  • The band began it`s recording career in 1980

  • “Need you tonight” in 1988

  • Reasons of success

  • The tragedy on November 22, 1997

  • The remaining members


The Bee Gees

  • “Saturday night fever”

  • Ballads

  • Re-Styling the Bee Gees

  • Their achievements (records, singles, award etc.)

Savage Garden “If we dont change, we don´t grow. If we don´t grow, we aren`t actually living!”

  • Savage Garden first met in 1992

  • The two unknowns sent out a demo to 150 managers and record companies

  • The start of their sudden popularity

  • Achievements (albums and awards)

  • The sudden split of Australian pop duo

Kylie Minogue

  • Her musical career started in 1987

  • First single “Locomotion”

  • The most successful tour

  • She`s headlined The world music awards; John Lennon`s memorial concert and MTV Europe awards.

Darren Hayes

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