Presented by Dr. Kai Poetschke, mba economist and Journalist

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Presented by Dr. Kai Poetschke, MBA

  • Economist and Journalist

  • MBA: London School of Economics, PhD: New York University

  • Worked for Bank of Scotland and Chase Manhattan Bank

  • Moderator of own TV-Show: “Your business is my business” since 1967

Excellence through Strength - An uncompromising attitude to quality

  • Founded in 1870, Deutsche Bank is currently the largest financial institution in the world, with assets exceeding USD 800 billion.

  •  a strength that is able to reach around the world, identify opportunities and realize them for the benefit of its clients.

  • One of the most highly rated banks in the world.

  • Pre-eminent reputation among world major banks, based on the strength and depth of its business, on its innovative approach to new opportunities, and on enduring client relationships.

Relationships - Strong client partnerships

  • Our aim is to establish an all encompassing financial plan with expertise and care that addresses all issues

  • With an appropriate wealth management strategy, the overall objective is wealth preservation and enhancement through a disciplined approach to investment, combining:

  • 1. A thorough understanding of your individual circumstances, income requirements, return expectations, risk appetite and other objectives.

  • 2. A complete and detailed analysis on your personal business including recommendation regarding succession planning, buy-outs, IPOs & any other customized solutions.

  • 3. Asset allocation and selection expertise that reflects our client’s specific goals.

  • 4. A well-established, prudent investment philosophy.

  • 5. Strong emphasis on client communication and reporting.

Relationships - Strong client partnerships

  • Deutsche Bank Private Banking is able to access a wide range of resources and expertise from its large global network within the Deutsche Bank Group.

  • Irrespective of location, the group works closely together as a team in the interests of the clients and as an integral part of Deutsche Bank Private Banking worldwide network.

  • Deutsche Bank Private Banking brings to you professionals who have long and varied experiences in private client work

Added Value Services

  • Trust & Fiduciary Services - Deutsche Bank International Trust Company Limited (DBITC), headquartered in Guernsey and with presences in DB’s regional private banking centers, provides trust, fiduciary and other related services to our private clients.

  • Confidentiality & Privacy are key: Creditor Protection, efficient tax planning

  • Your Private Banker in Deutsche Bank can access and co-ordinate with the professionals at DBITC who have expertise in Trust and Estate Planning in order to safeguard your wealth and facilitate effective wealth conservation.

  • US based Trust & Estate Planning incorporating all aspects of US laws & regulations are accessed through our local Trust experts in NY

Key Issues to be addressed

  • Businesses: Plastic Company & French Restaurant

  • Personal Investments

  • Personal Retirement Plans

  • Insurance

  • Estate Planning

Presented by Dr. h.c. Joerg Sulimma, Attorney

  • 75 years of experience as international lawyer and tax advisor

  • Financial and law degrees of the universities of Harvard, Capetown, Stockholm and Cuala Lumpur

  • Over 150 publications in the main law and financial magazins of the world

Business Presented by Dr. Samantha Ho

  • 25 years of experience advising top-tier clients on business related issues

  • Articles published in Leading Wealth Management Journals

  • B.S. Finance: Boston University MBA: Wharton Business School PhD in Philosophy & Political Science: Harvard University

Business 1 : Plastic Company Liquidity Planning / Re-capitalizing

  • Main objective: More access to capital & aggressive business plan & to grow the business

  • 4 partners with equal share

  • One partner is looking to sell

  • Strong cash position : $2 million EBIT

  • Possible Solutions for partner to :

    • Buy-Sell Agreement (using Insurance)
    • Management Buy-Out (MBO): Formal Buy-out Agreement, Stock Options for employees
    • Private Equity
    • Strategic Partner
  • Retirement plan for the firm: 401(k) Pension Fund (defined contribution), defined benefit, Stock Options

Suggestion (1): Buy-Sell Agreement

  • Orderly transfer of business if any partners of the partners wants to sell out or dies

  • Permits co-owners to continue in their business roles

  • Allows a fair-market price for the business to be agreed upon today

  • Who will fund this Agreement???

    • Through an Insurance (Business has good strong cash position able to buy this insurance)

Suggestion (2) : Management Buy-Out

  • Succession Planning

  • Employees have possibility of putting money into company:

    • Stock Options (can also be included in the retirement plan)
    • Issue new equity (voting vs. non-voting)
  • Partners may sell out their shares but could remain involved in the business as a Business Advisor or Director => Consultant agreement

  • Employees to purchase the shares of any partners who want to sell-out => Possibly could get increase in credit

Suggestion (3): Private Equity Investor

  • Non-traditional low-cost source of financing

  • Adds discipline to management & possible expertise know-how

  • More contacts leading to new business opportunities & new clients

  • More access to capital from existing creditors

Suggestion (4) : Strategic Partnership

  • Raise additional capital

  • Synergies

  • Find a partner who could bring additional value to the firm: Example, a firm / partner who is strong in distribution or marketing

  • Strategic partners – to consolidate with competitors (although you may get the lower value)

  • Could possibly get increase in credit

Plastic Company: Retirement Plan

  • 401(K) : Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit

    • Menu of portfolios to choose from
    • Deferred income tax: low tax bracket vs. current tax income
  • Stock Options

Business: French Restaurant

  • A 50% Co-Owner

  • Earnings from restaurant: $10,000 per year

  • Son: Chef & Manager. Would like to continue business

  • Solution: Limited partnership (Father), General Partner (Son) with a management contract: I.e. Bonus Base or Fee Base (tax deductible)

  • Son tax bracket: Low

  • Gift from father: $10,000 worth of sharse of the restaurant per year (up to $650,000 tax exemption).

Presented by Professor Dr. Sandra Duncan

  • BSc Finance, MBA, JD, PhD (Tax Efficient investments)

  • Author of best selling book “Damn it, Take Control of Your Finances – How to legally pay no taxes”.

  • 27 years of experience in structured investments with Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank

  • Associate Professor of Tax planning New York University

Personal Investment Used assets are not included

  • Is your current investment asset allocation adequate?

  • Cash Equivalents $ 57,000 (3.38%)

  • Certificate of Deposit $ 100,000 (5.93%)

  • U.S. Treasury Notes $ 175,000 (10.37%)

  • Municipal Bonds $ 310,000 (18.38%)

  • Large Cap U.S. Growth Stocks $ 285,000 (16.89%)

  • Commercial Real Estate $ 375,000 (22.23%)

  • French Restaurant $ 55,000 (3.26%)

  • Stock in Plastics Company $ 380,000 (22.53%)

Current Overall Asset Allocation

Recommendations I

  • Commercial real estate investment ties up too much capital

  • ROE (Cash Flow) too low (7.7%)

  • Suggestion: Refinance existing mortgage up to maximum allowed value Interest cost of mortgage is tax deductible

  • Solution: Additional cash becomes available for investment in company

Current Financial Markets Asset Allocation

Recommended Asset Allocation Conservative – Balanced Portfolio

Recommendations II

  • Current financial market asset allocation is not balanced enough!

  • Goals:

    • Capital Appreciation on investments
    • Restructure to a Balanced Portfolio: 10% Cash/CDs, 40% Equities, 50% Fixed Income
    • Switch USD Large Cap Growth Stock Portfolio to globally diversified Portfolio of Growth Stocks
    • This allocation should produce stable returns on a risk-adjusted basis
    • To reduce cash by approximately 7%
    • 2. Minimize taxes
    • I.e. The Gift-Tax Annual: tax exclusion of $10,000 (preferably to transfer to someone with a low tax bracket)
    • Suggestion:
    • Enable you to give $10,000 p.a. to each grandchild

Presented by Dr. Dr. HC Alexandra Schulz, Chief Trust Officer

  • 29 Years of experience in Trust and Estate Planning

  • Founder of Deutsche Bank’s Trust and Estate Planning Division

  • BSC, Astrophysics, MSc, Mathematics, PhD Financial Planning M.I.T and Stanford University

  • Voted “Best Financial Advisor”, Global Financial Advisors Guild 1998

Presented by Dottore Filippo Pignatti Morano di Custoza

  • Economist, MBA and PhD at University of Palermo

  • Long time Specialist in Italian and Austrian economies

  • Worked for NatWest Bank, Banco di Italia, Banco Santander, National Westminster Bank and Banco di Palermo, Banca Criminale Organizato Di Italia

  • President of the Italian Communist Party, candidate for the presidential elections in the year 2000

QTIP Trust I

QTIP Trust I

Charitable Remainder Trust I Recommendation: To be included in the Will

Charitable Remainder Trust II Recommendation: To be included in the Will

  • Assets will be transferred into the trust after grantor’s death

  • Trust will pay income to the spouse as beneficiary

  • Trust ends after death of the spouse

  • Principal beneficiary receives the property

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