Pros and cons of living in extended family

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Pros and cons of living in extended family.

 Pros and cons of living in extended family.
Living in a home with extended family can have a lot of advantages. Some of the more important pros of such a living arrangement may include:
More family time – Grandparents get more quality time with grandkids; parents don't lose touch with adult children and elders have more interaction with younger family members. All can benefit socially and emotionally from these closer family connections.
More help with household matters – having more adults in the house can mean more support for everyone. Parents of younger children may find family help with child care, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and other chores may find more willing hands to pitch in, and for elders who need assistance with daily tasks, more adults can make it easier for those needs to be met.
Financial advantages – More adults in the house can mean more people to contribute to household expenses, such as house payments, utility bills and groceries, lightening the financial load for everyone.
Then about cons of living in extended family.
Less privacy – Having more people in the home can make it difficult for everyone to have their own space. This can be very stressful for people who value alone time to unwind after work or are used to having plenty of space for hobbies and projects.
More housework – More people means more messes, which means more household cleaning and maintenance. This can be especially stressful for people who keep very tidy homes, particularly if other members of the household have different housekeeping standards.
Family tensions – No two people agree on everything, so disagreements are bound to happen between family members in a multigenerational household. Common issues that can cause tensions include financial disagreements, parenting differences, and disagreements about household/family responsibilities.
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