Prosam & Campus Management Kick-Off October 25, 2001

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ProSAM & Campus Management Kick-Off

  • October 25, 2001


    • Welcome
      • Introductions
      • Project history
    • Company information
      • Sigma
      • SAP
    • Project overview
      • Project name
      • Benefits
      • Organizational structure

Project History

  • Review of administrative structure began in summer 1997.

  • In order to be a great American public university,” UM must have world-class processes.

  • SAP selected as ERP vendor in October 1998.

Phase I Implementation

Phase II: Student System

  • Financial Aid

    • Sigma ProSAM
  • Student Administration

    • SAP Campus Management
  • Features

    • Student life from “cradle to grave”
    • Core of university mission
    • Integration is essential


Sigma Representatives

  • Raymond Timmons – President/CEO

  • Robert Bevers – Vice President

  • Cliff Clevenger – Director of Application Development

  • Ann Badertscher – Lead Architect of GUI Development

Sigma’s Focus

  • Devoted to post secondary educational institutions

  • Financial aid and student accounts receivable – regulation driven

  • Customers supported in effective application of new technology

    • Department of Education initiatives
    • UM initiatives
      • Web use for students
      • Real time interface with legacy and CM modules

Sigma Product Overview

  • Scalable to broad range of institutions

    • Small special purpose
      • UT Health Sciences
    • Middle size prestigious
    • Large institutions

CM at Work

Having Fun with CM

Greetings from CM Developers

Anticipated Benefits

  • Better student service through streamlined processes

  • A technology base for the future

    • More web-based student services
    • Online fee payment
    • Degree audit
  • Increased access to information at all levels

  • Enhanced policy enforcement

  • Integration with other modules

Project Work Space

  • Paul B. Johnson Commons in area formerly occupied by Purchasing

Financial Aid at Ole Miss

  • 85% of students receiving aid

  • >$65 million in aid disbursed last year

  • Logged 31,000 student contacts

  • Award and disburse aid daily, year-round

ProSAM Project Highlights

  • “First” to implement client-server ProSAM

  • Piloting product enhancements

    • Using XML for data exchange
    • Providing diagnostics for awards
  • Improve service, reduce cost

    • Maximize use of web for communication
    • Transition from “snail mail” to e-mail

ProSAM Implementation Schedule

  • Feb. 2002: Begin processing for 2002-03

  • Apr. 2002: Automated awarding

  • May 2002: Web display

  • July 2002: Disburse aid

  • March 2003: Interface with CM

CM Project Background

  • UM as North American pilot

  • CM pilot site website

    • See
  • System groundwork by BASIS team

  • Interaction among UM, other universities, and CM developers

    • Requirements definition
    • Workshops/training
    • Testing

Support From SAP Developers

  • Ich hätte auch was beizusteuern: Fast-Teammitglied (weil ein Freund von mir) und IT-Experte, fest entschlossen, auf dem schnellsten Weg Support in Übersee zu leisten. Gruß,Ulrike

Knowledge Transfer

CM Status

  • Project ownership

  • Core teams

    • Academic structure
    • Student administration
    • Student accounting
  • Resource team

  • Release of IS-PS-CA 4.64 in 2Q 2002

CM Implementation Timeline

  • See for high-level implementation plan

  • Phased approach with most functionality rolling out between 1Q 2002 and 2Q 2003

  • Impact of the CM development schedule

  • Transition from legacy mainframe to 100% SAP


  • Process changes.

    • Tremendous opportunity to improve our “customer service.”
  • Off-the-shelf vs. home-grown software.

  • Challenges of being a pilot project.

  • Be patient.

  • Team effort is crucial.

A Work in Progress

CM Demonstration

New Terms

  • Registration

    • Identifies the relationship between a student who has selected classes and the University.
  •  Booking

    • The process the student performs to select classes.
  •  Region

    • Currently defined as the US state codes, for example MS.

New Terms Continued

  • Module

    • Equivalent to one of our courses.
    • For example, English 101 would be a module.
  •  Module Group

    • Used for grouping modules and other module groups.
    • For example, the modules required for completing a major in Mathematics could be grouped into a module group called ‘mathematics major’.


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