Research, development and pre-clinical evaluation (glp)

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Research, development and pre-clinical evaluation (GLP)

  • Research, development and pre-clinical evaluation (GLP)

  • Integrated R&D solutions supported by the existing technological infrastructure Contract research from concept to proof-of-principle

  • Development of therapeutic agents

  • Biosensor and biochip technologies

  • Preclinical evaluation of therapeutics for human and animal use

  • Full compliance with EU and FDA guidelines including good laboratory practice (GLP)

  • Development of diagnostic systems for pharmaceutical applications

Implementing novel therapies into the clinic (GCP)

  • Implementing novel therapies into the clinic (GCP)

  • Close relationship with Leipzig University hospital permits access to walk-in-clinic infrastructure. In-house laboratories are similarly available for immunodiagnostic use.

  • Close cooperation with University clinic allows product testing in clinical trials (Phase I – II)

  • Quality Management and GCP conform procedures

  • Continuous service from trial design, through manufacture and approval

Czech Republic: Opportunity

  • In 2005 63 biotechnology companies and 220 biotechnology research entities could be found in the Czech Republic.

  • Prague – biotechnology capital: 21 (32.3 %) biotechnology companies and 101 (45.9 %) research entities

  • 22% of all biotech firms are environmental biotechnology

  • 36% are plant biotechnology firms

Czech Republic: Highly Educated Population

Cooperation: Fraunhofer Institute in Leipzig

  • Generous public sector funding

  • Total BMBF support for tissue engineering 2004 - 30 mio

  • Leipzig funding for Regenerative Medicine 2006 - 11 mio

  • New connection between Leipzig and Prague - 2.5 hours

  • Unique Project Management Team structure to ensure project success

Complementary cross-border cooperation

Complementary cross-border cooperation


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