School Psychology Cathy Offen, ms

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School Psychology

  • Cathy Offen, MS

  • School Psychologist

Psychology in an Elementary School Setting


  • Individual Counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Crisis counseling


  • Cognitive Testing

        • The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-IV)
        • The Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales for Children (SB-5)
  • Achievement Testing

        • Math, Reading, Writing
  • Behavioral/Emotional

        • Rating forms for parents/teachers
        • Projective Measures


  • Adaptive Measures (Vineland)

  • Evaluations for ADD/ADHD

Committee of Special Education Services

      • CSE chairperson
      • Psychologist
      • Classroom teacher
      • Special Education teacher
      • Parents
      • Occupational Therapist
      • Physical Therapist
      • Speech Therapist
      • Social Worker
      • Parent Representative

Team Collaboration

  • Building support Team (Early Intervention)

  • Section 504

  • Support Team (counselors)

  • Special Education Task Force

  • Special Education Department


  • Helping teachers to develop behavior intervention plans

  • Talking to parents/teachers about concerns with particular students

Other things School Psychologists can do

  • Involvement with Child Protective Services

  • Teach lessons to whole classes

  • Provide in-service presentations for school faculty

  • Provide support groups for faculty/parents

  • Opportunities for continuing education/training

Graduate Programs in School Psychology

Requirements for Entry into School Psychology Programs

  • 18 semester hours of psychology courses

  • Course in abnormal psychology

  • Course in child/adolescent psychology

  • Course in Statistics

School Psychology Masters Programs

  • Courses in Assessment, Counseling, Neuropsychology, Trauma related issues, Teaching and Learning, Research Methods, Statistics, Consultation

  • Practicum placements in schools

  • Internships: Can test/counsel with supervision. Often paid

Settings School Psychologists Typically Are In

  • Public Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Preschools


  • Residential Centers

  • Colleges

  • Mental Health Agencies

  • Private Practice

NY Colleges that Offer Programs in School Psychology

      • Alfred University- MA, PsyD
      • Niagra University- MS
      • Roberts Wesleyan College- MS
      • Rochester Institute of Technology- MS
      • SUNY Buffalo- MA, PhD
      • SUNY Oswego- MS
      • SUNY Plattsburg- MA
      • Syracuse University- PhD

Job Outlook

  • NASP reports an overall national shortage of school psychologists

  • School Psychologists can serve anywhere from 500-7000 kids, with the recommended number being about 1000.

  • NY State vs. other states

  • Salaries



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