Scientific Judgement

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Approximation of General Attitude in the World 
Nowadays there are two different views in world, one of them follows bliss of 
humans in the extreme exploitation of material pleasures and further consumption 
without the teachings of religions and another invites to cooperate, assistance and 
dedication on the way to success of other people, according to adhere the teachings 
of religions. Proponents of first look are willing to violate all the red lines of human 
ethnicity that has been explained in Abrahamic religions such as Islam and 
Christianity that achieve their Intentions. For humane Society, this idea brings 
cultural liberalism. Thus, it leads human societies toward secularism. This anti 
wisdom process keeps humans away from nature's own creation
  and abandons in 
material worlds without eyelet and disappointment.  Today a lot of people have been 
caught in this remote land of Nature and Creation and for their deliverance looking 
for Mahdi and Christ savior. Promoter of this view in their space of political and 
cultural assumption of struggle for existence as remedy of their problems, in spite of 
the fact that, this view is a serious question for scientist of religions and wise man of 
the world. This view has caused establishment of t menace space, competition of 
international weapons and big demolition of environment such as today, when big 
and famous capitalist of the world have the most important role and effect on 
demolition of the environment. This view that makes a better world and according to 
which human must be both enemy and friend is a principal problem of society. Yet, 
it is not defined that when human reaches fulcrum. It is not made clear by scientist 
of Islam and Christianity. Even in material observation in interior family is vie 
relationship between man and woman. In material observation arrival to prosperity 
is mirage.  
  زا ا 
 رد   و 
  زا ارد   
د ر ن
 ن    د
زا ا  شد  و  ز   ه   
“Rose petals let us scatter and fill the cup with red wine 
The firmaments let us shatter and come with a new design 
If sorrow's soldiers incite to shed lovers' blood tonight 
With beloved I will unite and his foundations malign” 
In another view, human prosperity is not war against another, but it is a way of 
prosperity cooperation, help and devotion of oneself to prosperity of another human. 
Naturally, according to this view it will secure material and intellectual needs of 
humans in process of legal nature. In the Christian and the Muslim worlds, one of 
the main causes that religions have tendency to necessitate the existence for seeking 
just system is to enjoy material extremism and getaway religious rationalists. In the 
material and spiritual realms that is their result socialism and liberalism oriented 
 Divane of Ghazal of Hafez shirazi, ghazal number 374 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...

material and false mysticism, religious scholars and wise people must save humanity 
or fall to hell of ignorance and fatal extremism. World leaders should transform, 
because the relationship is based on interaction between humans, no war and no 
demolition. This is consistent with the fundamental principles of Islam and 
Christianity. According to this view the human relationship with another human is 
not hostile, but it is a friendly relationship ensuring the welfare of another human. 
For Muslim and Christian religious scholars it is necessary to be closer to each 
other, this attitude of mind in human society
  prevents from conflict and it puts 
correct way in front of present humanity. 
Gap and Abnormal Increase in the World 
During the past six decades there has increased a gap in an international perspective. 
Today most of the world's population has only minimal live conditions and the 
contrast to the wealth of a small minority has been enormous. Failure of 
development of political programs and increase of the gap shows the need of 
conversation between religions. If there is again hatred, the animosity and tension 
will generate the gap and we will achieve a social anomaly that can bring adverse 
consequences for the international community which is difficult to compensate and 
Most of the contradictions and conflicts of class differences are largely derived from 
economic reasons and unfortunately it has not been solved by the economic 
development of the past.  Huge gap between classes in the world is the product of 
development planning system that due to it has expanded wars, hatred, threats and 
insecurity in international environment. As many nations are suffering from great 
political pressure in different areas, it is the dialogue among religions that can 
prevent many crises and conflicts and prevent heavy damage of human and material 
lives in the world. Gap causes two believes that are different and irrational i.e. the 
rich say that poor are inferior and the poor say that rich are thieves. Gap will bring to 
Van Dualism
 in the world. Today everyone is looking for high economic growth 
and foreign trade surplus but this process is not possible and it means that many 
countries sell their own sustainable sources or become owed and this may lead to a 
widening gap and then world's abnormality
. It seems that religions have played a 
  Weekly journal of Europe, Europe is moving towards poverty, 
 Root of the word is taken as folk etymological "vandals". The people who lived in the fifth century 
Europe, into  were land and the cities, were looted property to its residents, and their non-portable 
objects and artifacts were destroyed and were out. Destructive character of this people led their names 
to be defined of destructive actions  and measures in cities and their names are reminiscent of any 
damage to public property. Vandalism in the people will be form of damage to public property and in 
lower layer will be increases in family dispute and the national and international level too low cohesion 
and community participation will decrease.  
 Human Development Report 2005, United Nations (UN) that based on reports of member states is 
studied, is  Comparison of income and consumption inequality among communities and countries 
around the world. According to the above mentioned, in Norway ranks first in the Human Development 
Index (HDI) is allocated to its, the share of the poorest 10 percent of the total income of the 9/3 percent, 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...
prominent role in human lives for treatment of psychological and mental suffering 
and have wide solutions to meet human needs in their religious texts that must be 
explained by religious scholars.  
Increase Hunger in the World  
Poverty or destitution refers to a condition that everybody is lacking material 
possessions or money
. The absolute poverty means that one’s have not access to 
Basic necessities of life such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, 
clothing and shelter. According to research of World Bank, in the past 25 years 
number of people living in poverty has declined sharply. But the success of the fight 
against poverty in the world is not same. Today, it is estimated that about one billion 
seven hundred million people live in absolute poverty
. Before the Industrial 
Revolution, poverty was inevitable because of the weak economy
.  In modern 
history, food shortages reduced significantly that we owe it to the technological 
advances in agriculture
. In some regions, such as China, high production has caused 
to goods that were once considered an expensive luxury item
, are now becoming 
available cheaper. But in this situation, the poor spend more of their money to buy 
food, in consequence of those located in the poverty threshold are vulnerable to 
rising food prices

Approximately 40% of agricultural lands have been seriously eroded. If in Africa, 
soil erosion goes the same rate, until 2025, only they will provide food needed for 
25 percent of the population. Health care for the poor is not broadly available. 
Migration of health sector employees from poor countries to developed countries 
has irreparable damage. For example, the number of Ethiopian doctor in Chicago 
and the share of the richest 10 percent of the total population of the country was 4/23 percent. In other 
words, Income of the richest ten    percent of Norwegian citizens, 6.1 is equal to ten percent of the 
country's poorest people. However, in Pakistan with ranks 135 in human development index, ten 
percent of the richest people earn in 7.6 to ten percent of the poorest people, worse in Brazil that is 
allocated to itself Index ranking of 63 in UN Human Development, Only 0.7  percent of total income of 
this country belongs to the 10 percent of poorest population. Against, share of the  richest ten percent of 
Brazilians is about 9/46% of the country's total income. Thus, ten percent of the richest Brazilians have 
income and consumption ten times 68 percent of the poorest.  
 http:/ Poverty is incidence of due to class differences that after the initial period of 
primitive peoples that lived long ago has emerged and its result is social differences in different levels 
of society.  
 In two biggest cities of west Europe's as Antwerp and Lyons until the year 1600, three-fourths of the 
total population were poor so that even could not pay taxes. Eighteenth century in England sometimes 
at least half of  the human depend on charity for their livelihoods.  
 Technologies like using to nitrogen fertilizers, pesticides and new methods irrigation that are cause to 
increasing agricultural production.  
 Such as cars and computers 
 Causes is threatening producing and supplying food in the world, including drought, water scarcity 
crisis and also repeatedly culture on Earth that fertile reduced and crop production efficiency is 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...

state of America is over Ethiopia country. This will cause more damage to the poor, 
and even in those countries will increase poverty. Also, the high population and lack 
of control growth rate can be factors in the growth of poverty in a country. Among 
religious sources, interfaith dialogue must discover right treatment for the problems 
of human society and encourage motivation for serve to among other people.  
Researchers have argued that the feminization of poverty
 and the increasing poverty 
among women in the third world countries and minority and underserved women in 
Europe and America
 are caused by the integration of the global economy in these 
countries and also in the present world are from scourge of human society
 that has 
been due to enhance disparities women's
. With the expansion of the European 
Union, States Parties are grappling with many problems including poverty
Therefore, the withdrawal of money from the West and entering the East of Europe 
failed to solve the problem of poverty in these countries. Populations of the EU 27 
countries are 501 million people. (27 countries) Of these, approximately 100 million 
people live below the poverty line
. Income in Europe, based on this index should be 
per family the average of 27 thousand euros annually. If the income is less than 60 
percent of this amount is considered below the poverty line
. Situation of poverty in 
the midst of a billion people in 29 countries around the world is critical
. Based on 
predictions, UN official talk about reduction of poverty through 2015, but statistics 
don’t show that change in these statistics until to 5 years. One of the most important 
responsibilities of government is equitable distribution of income among different 
social groups. Religious emphasis on the proper implementation is strategy for the 
elimination of human suffering. Islam and Christianity have a great responsibility 
for the hungry people of the world that, task in this regard would make both Jesus 
Christ and Muhammad Mustafa happy.  
The Number of Unemployed in the World 
According to the UN, the number of unemployed worldwide in 2012 was about 200 
million. Accordingly, the number of unemployed youth in the world has reached an 
alarming number. Consequently, to the report, the number of unemployed young 
 Feminization of poverty, the first time Diana Pierce, American sociologist applied this term. 
 M.Ham, "Feminization of poverty entries", culture of Feminist theories, Translator, F. Mohajer, 
N.Ahmadi Khorasani, F.Qarehdaghi, Development Publishing, 1382. 
 For example, lower income, less access to resources such as land, and reduce the legal authority of 
Third World women have made them poorer and dependent on men. Discrimination against women in 
opportunities for education and employment opportunities, and increased agricultural work in these 
countries has an impact on  women's poverty.  
 This EU, According to immigration law, allows to their people members that without visa to travel in 
each other's countries and get busy work and living. 
 Poverty line is reviewed based on index that so-called Lycan (Laeken) in Europe. This index adopted 
in the 2001 European summit in Brussels. One of five Spanish is living below the poverty line. 
 In fact, the monthly income 1,000 euro for every family is below the poverty line. The average cost in 
the West of Europe is 1500 to 2000 euros monthly.   
 Euronews announced in a new report 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...
people in 2012 was 12.6 percent and is expected this rate to 2017 AD to reach 12.9 
percent. In this report, the number of unemployed young people in Greece and Spain 
is 50%, this statistic is alarming. In 2012, 35 percent of young people have been 
unemployed for six months or more
. The unemployment rate in the euro area 
recorded a new record for the month of January 2013 under which 19 million people 
were unemployed in the region. France 24 in urgent News has announced that the 
unemployment rate in January received 11.9% in the euro area.  
Expansion of Insecurity in the World 
Yet, problems of human society are not fixed. In planning related people must be 
reach a new view and new base. Certainly, the role of religion, particularly Islam 
and Christianity in reducing human suffering in the area of terrorism and insecurity, 
is a very bold and decisive. Land belongs to everyone and to all of God's creatures 
have a right to live and life. Religions should not allow aggressive, oppressive and 
racist policies shed light on global management. Movement based on justice and 
respect is beneficial for everyone.  We must interact with each other as, in fact, we 
are complements for one another. In here, Religions and religious scholars should 
conduct true dialogues and solve the problems that will satisfy both Jesus Christ and 
Mohammad Mustafa, great Messenger of God, who provide peace and blessings of 
God. Vision of Islam and among humans must extract from the sources directly to 
milliard people of world understand about philosophy of their servitude before 
possession creator directly too and then seek remedy for their pain and trouble. All 
nations are looking for making lives better for the human society that strives for this. 
Friendship, cooperation and motion are the ways to achieve this goal..  
Today, depreciation cost of expenses of the capitalist governments are paid by other 
countries, 16 thousand milliard dollar due for one of the west countries define 
existing depreciation cost and inflation and do they tolerate this pressure and stress 
itself or do they transfer it to other governments? Religions, Islam and Christianity 
and their leaders have heavy duty toward these pressures on human society and the 
moral and material damage caused by the fact that politicians around the world 
encourage development of the fair plan. Development of war and occupation and 
violation of national sovereignty, incite prejudices and promote conflicts between 
nations, impose discrimination in international relations, development of terrorism 
and drug worldwide and organized usage against the nations and governments, 
widespread destruction of the environment, destruction of  cultures and woman's 
personality and family foundations and creating a false sense assets due to  control 
over the world's money and systematically looting the resources of other nations, 
threatens independent nations and organized prevention from their advancing is only 
a part of the problem of the world today. But there are promises of God that man of 
the divine prophets and purity and truth with Jesus Christ will come, that he is 
already alive and with the help of all the righteous will take advantage of positive 
 According to Mehr quoted by Guardian, Published in 03 (Persian date) Bahman 1391 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...

human potential of all nations and will help humanity to achieve justice, love and 
happiness. He is an absolute justice, compassion and love for humankind. 
Lack of Religious Unity will Cause More Problems  
Lack of unity of monotheistic religions and lack of full commitment to the 
commandments of God, especially religious commonalities will pave way for the 
world's dominant power unless the unity among nations is returned; domination and 
exploitation of powers will become wider. As division and discord make an initial 
cohesion distorted. God, in Chapter blest prophets, after expression of important 
points to story of Holy prophets such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Lot and 
Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and Aaron, David, Solomon, Job, and Idris (Enoch) and 
Dhul-Kifl (Isaiah) and Zolnnun and Zachariah and Yahya, As a conclusion he says 
 َ ِ  ْ َ ْ َ ْ َ َ ،َن ُ ِ ار  َِْإ  ُآ ْ ُ ََْ ْ ُهَ ْ َأ ا ُ ََ َو ،ِنوُُْ َ ْ ُ َر ََأ َو ًةَ ِ او ً ُأ ُْ ُ ُأ ِِ ه نِإ
َن ُِ آ ُ َ  ِإ َو ِ ِْ َ ِ َنا ُْآ  َ ٌ ِ ْ ُ  َ ُه َو ِت ِ ا
Truly! This, your Ummah  [Sharia  or religion (Islamic Monotheism)] is one 
religion, and I am your Lord, therefore worship Me (Alone). But they have 
broken up and differed as regards their religion among themselves. (And) they 
all shall return to Us, So whoever does righteous good deeds while he is a 
believer (in the Oneness of Allah Islamic Monotheism), his efforts will not be 
rejected. Verily! We record it in his Book of deeds.” 
These great prophets and their followers were all single nation and this unity and 
solidarity principles and applications, because it stems from a divine source unit and 
therefore only Lord is one that should be worshiped. But the group of follower’s 
prophets due to deviation from this original monotheism and faith unique to 
worship, divide and split the work among itself and though ultimately of them to us 
to we judge among them. Holy Quran scripture of last prophet of God and the 
monotheistic holy Sura Najm is discussed to express a general principle emphasized 
in all religions and holy rituals in this theme and it says that:  
  ِ ْ َُ ْ َ ْمَأ
ُ  ِ ُ ُ  
ْ ُأ َرْزِو ٌةَرِزاو ُرِ َ  َأ ، َو ي ا َ ها ِْإ َو ،
    ِإ ِن ِِْْ َ َْ ْنَأ َو ،
ُ َفْ َ  ُ َْ َ  نَأ َو ،
ْا َءا َ ْا ُا ْ ُ  ُ ،
Or is he not informed with what is in the Pages (Scripture) of Mûsa (Moses), 
And of Ibrahim (Abraham) who fulfilled (or conveyed) all that (what Allah 
ordered him to do or convey), That no burdened person (with sins) shall bear 
the burden (sins) of another, And that man can have nothing but what he does 

mohamad reza qalanfaribai,          islamsa da marTlmadideblur...
(good or bad), And that his deeds will be seen, Then he will be recompensed 
with a full and the best recompense” 
In these verses God says that all the heavenly books, like Moses and Abraham 
scrolls that hello There God be them, are emphasized on two main points together. 
One that everyone is responsible for his actions and no one is bearer of burdens of 
other and another, the essential point is that there is no benefit for human except 
fruits of his efforts and diligence and truly it is his diligence which will soon appear 
in front and then after this operation and enough punishment he will receive reward.  
These verses show clearly that gauge progression and prosperity of the world and 
human hereafter is his dedication and effort. Therefore owners of religion and 
followers of divine rituals should not expect to resolve their personal and social 
problems of other people, and they should know that the main cause of worldly and 
otherworldly human happiness is their diligence.  
In the end, the selection of statements of Archbishop of Georgia Ilia the Second at 
the International Peace Conference in Istanbul, Turkey is presented below: 
“I believe that at the beginning of the 21st century, the form of a dialogue of 
civilizations should allow people to mobilize and coordinate their power to solution 
of global and economic problems.  
Today, all people understand that the era of solving problems by force has ended 
and it is replaced by cultural and economic solutions. This will lead to richness of 
culture and cooperative relations.  

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