Shelter In Place Living Safely With Chemicals

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Shelter In Place

  • Living Safely With Chemicals

Tri-State Community Advisory Panel

  • The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was developed to create a forum for communication between the community and a core group of facilities in the Dubuque Tri-State area.

  • The group’s mission is to promote public understanding and involvement in chemical risk management.

  • The CAP consists of representatives from community organizations, the core facilities, and residents of the community.

Members of the Panel include:

A hazardous material release is very unlikely

  • Hazardous materials are transported through our community by truck, rail, and barge.

  • This risk exists across the US.

How would you know?

You should know how to respond

  • If encountered with a release of hazardous materials…

  • What would you do??????

Shelter In Place

Shelter In Place

Six Steps - #1

Six Steps - #2

Six Steps - #3

Six Steps - #4

Six Steps - #5

Six Steps - #6

If in your car...

  • Close windows, vents, turn off A/C and heater.

  • Listen to a local radio station for more information

  • Continue driving unless directed otherwise.

  • Drive away from the scene of the emergency.

  • Do not drive into a chemical cloud.

For Additional Information, Please Contact . . .

  • Your county’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

    • Dubuque County LEPC 563-589-4170
    • Grant County LEPC 608-723-7171
    • Jo Daviess County LEPC 815-777-2141

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