Shoreline School District Spring Sports Coaches Meeting March 3, 2010

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Shoreline School District Spring Sports Coaches Meeting

  • March 3, 2010

  • 6:00pm-Ballinger Room

Shoreline Athletics

  • Sign In-

  • Turn in CPR/First Aid and New Clock Hours to Vicki

  • Please turn in any updated clock hours or clinic reimbursement in a timely manner-IT IS YOUR responsibility to keep your hours updated!

Shoreline Athletics

  • Welcome and Coaches Introductions

  • Shorecrest Athletic Director: Lane Loland

  • Shorewood Athletic Director : Vicki Gorman

  • “Hands on” CPR/First Aid Certification District instruction office will be offering classes throughout the year.

  • offers class listings

  • (Must have valid certification per SAAA contract)

Shoreline Athletics Accounting/Cash Handling

  • Darryl Reed

  • Shoreline School District

  • Purchasing Manager

Shoreline Athletics TRANSPORTATION

  • Diane Johnson

  • Shoreline School District

  • Transportation Director

  • and

  • Yvonne Carpenter and Nancy Koski

  • Driver Trainer

Shoreline Athletics TRANSPORTATION

  • Van use-

  • +DMV Drivers Abstract required

  • Bus reminders-

Shoreline AthleticsTransportation/Trips

  • Transportation Plan

  • State Trips/Transportation/Lodging

  • Must be reviewed and approved by District office

  • Overnight trips-need extended field trip form

  • Must be school board approved

Health and Safety

  • Do you build a sense of team without harassment and hazing?

Controlling Harassment/Hazing

  • Develop healthy traditions – Entire team gets equipment

  • Develop positive leaders

    • Teach athletes to take care of their teammates/classmates
  • Supervise all athletes at all times

Injury Reporting

  • If athlete is removed from practice or contest for injury

    • Notify trainer if available
    • Call the parents
    • Complete injury report form within 24 hours (coach’s responsibility)
  • If athlete sees a doctor, they must return with note clearing them to play

H1N1/MRSA/ Communicable Diseases

  • Use common precautions

    • Don’t share water bottles
    • Wash hands
    • Cover cough with arm
    • Spray down equipment with bleach solution (football/wrestling)
    • Wash clothes regularly

Hide and Seek

Shoreline Athletics Athletic Trainers

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Bill Reynolds-Shorewood

  • Ed Elder-Shorecrest

  • Overview of Emergency procedures

  • Lystedt Law- Concussion procedures

Shoreline School District Coaches Training

  • Lystedt Law and Concussion Protocol

  • Ed Elder MS, ATC, ATL

  • Bill Reynolds MS, ATC, ATL

Lystedt Law

  • AN ACT Relating to requiring the adoption of policies for the management of concussion and head injury in youth sports; amending RCW 4.24.660; and adding a new section to chapter 28A.600 RCW.

Lystedt Law

  • According to RCW4.24.660

  • A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from competition at that time.

  • A youth athlete who has been removed from play may not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussion and receives written clearance to return to play from that health care provider.

  • This section may be known and cited as the Zackery Lystedt law.

Shoreline School District Coaches Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the signs of concussion

  • Hold any athlete out of practice and/or competition they suspect of having a concussion out until they can be evaluated by a licensed medical professional.

  • Complete the Pocket SCAT2 form and return it to the appropriate people.

  • Notify the athletes parents and send the athlete home with concussion information sheet.

Possible Concussion Indicators

  • Appears dazed or confused

  • Is confused about their assignment

  • Forgets plays

  • Moves clumsily, balance problems

  • Answers questions slowly

  • Can’t recall events prior to the hit

  • Can’t recall events after the hit

  • Shows behavior or personality changes

  • Loss of consciousness

Pocket SCAT2

  • Best used by coaches, referees, umpires, parents

  • 1. Symptoms

  • 2. Memory function

  • 3. Balance testing

1. Symptoms Presence of any of the following signs & Symptoms may suggest a concussion.

  • Loss of Consciousness

  • Seizure or Convulsion

  • Amnesia

  • Headache

  • “Pressure” in head

  • Neck Pain

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Dizziness

  • Blurred vision

  • Balance problems

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Sensitivity to noise

2. Memory Function

  • Failure to answer all questions correctly may suggest a concussion.

  • “What Venue are we at today?”

  • “Which half is it now?”

  • “Who scored last in this game?”

  • “What team did you play last week/game?”

  • “Did your team win the last game?”

3. Balance Testing

  • “Now stand heel-to-toe with your non-dominant foot in back. Your weight should be evenly distributed across both feet. You should try to maintain stability for 20 seconds with your hand on your hips and your eyes closed. I will be counting the number of times you move out of this position. If you stumble out of this position, open your eyes and return to the start position and continue balancing. I will start timing when you are set and have your eyes closed”

  • Observe the athlete for 20 seconds. If they make more than 5 errors (such as lift their hands off their hips; open their eyes; lift their forefoot or heel; stumble, or fall; or remain out of the start position for more that 5 seconds) then this may suggest a concussion.

Pocket SCAT2

  • Any positive test results or any signs of concussion requires that the athlete be held out of practice and/or competition.

  • They need to be closely monitored. DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE OR SEND THEM TO THE LOCKER ROOM.

Call 911 immediately

  • If the athlete is experiencing any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Vomiting

  • Vision loss

  • Slurred speech

  • Numbness or weakness in the arms or legs

  • Increasing headache

Shoreline School District Coaches Training

  • When it comes to a suspected head injury in a practice or a game our new motto is:

  • “When in doubt hold them out”

Shoreline School District Coaches Training

  • Questions?

Treat officials with Respect-(Cop Video)

Legal Issues

  • What is your biggest legal concern in coaching and how do you manage it?

Legal Duties

  • Duty to provide proper supervision:

    • Bus, locker room, all athletes gone before you leave
    • Open gym- if you are playing you are not supervising
  • Duty to properly instruct:

    • Coaching clinics, more than Xs and Os
  • Duty to warn of the inherent dangers in a sport:

    • Done through eligibility paperwork; read warnings to athletes and parents at start of season
  • Duty to provide a safe environment:

    • Report unsafe conditions to building administration; lightning safety

Legal Duties

  • Duty to provide health care:

    • First Aid/CPR required. Use your trainer if available. If more serious, call 911. Know the building emergency plan. Concussion information handout. Inform parent/guardian.
  • Duty to teach and enforce rules and regulations:

    • Read and enforce athletic code, building and team policies
  • Duty to classify and group participants for competition:

    • Match by size, age, and ability
  • Duty to safely transport athletes:

    • Follow district policies

Legal Duties

  • Duty to follow due process:

    • Communicate with building administration and parents whenever significant discipline involves an athlete.
    • document, document, document!
    • If student’s rights are violated, chances are your decision will be overturned
  • Duty to foresee potentially dangerous circumstances and situations.

  • Duty to plan.

    • Season/practice
  • Duty to keep records.

Duty to Report

  • RCW 28A.400 – A certified or classified school employee who has knowledge or reasonable cause to believe that a student has been a victim of physical abuse or sexual misconduct by another school employee, shall report such abuse or misconduct to the appropriate school administrator.


Avoid Risk/Accusations

  • Behaviors to avoid:

  • Friending (Facebook) or texting students/athletes

  • Have secluded contact, give gifts/special treatment or travel alone with students

  • Having students visit your home regularly

  • Providing rides home

  • Making personal, flattering comments

  • Close physical proximity

  • Providing drugs, alcohol, tobacco to students

Avoid Accusations

  • Do not…

    • Give rides home
    • Invite students to your home or give personal gifts
    • Take students on private excursions as rewards
    • Text/friend students
    • Use drugs/alcohol/tobacco around students including overnight trips
    • Recommend/provide drugs, supplements or vitamins

Shoreline Athletics Coaches Expectations

  • Maintain professional behavior/appearance at practice/game

    • Use same professional expectations regarding conduct, physical contact, language, conversations, interactions, jokes
    • Dress as a professional
  • Control educational environment

    • Stop “hazing, harassment, intimidation, bullying” behaviors/traditions
    • Do not allow rumors, jokes, teasing, gossip, physical attacks, etc

Shoreline Athletics Act like an Educator!

  • Greet the officials; they are NOT the enemy


  • Watch your language

  • Dress appropriately

  • Appropriate conversations and jokes

  • Do not use intimidation or sarcasm in your coaching

  • Praise publicly/correct privately

  • Do NOT complain about the kids, they are the only ones you have!

Everyone is Watching

  • Act and dress right

  • Be careful what you share about your personal life

  • Hold yourself/coaching staff accountable

  • Hold athletes accountable to standards and expectations

  • Know the rules of your sport!

Does your Practice include all of these?

  • Athletes properly equipped

  • ALL players engaged in activity

  • ALL coaches coaching/executing role

  • ALL coaches have copy of practice plan with them


  • Fits with legal duties & expectations

  • Trust among coaching staffs

    • Support other coaches
    • Support other programs
    • Don’t make issues personal

What are you teaching your Athletes? (Grocery Video)


  • Do you know it all?

Shoreline Athletics Handbook

  • Athletic Handbook now only available online.

  • Currently on District website under Programs/Athletics/Documents

Shoreline Athletics Coaching Standards

  • Most important certification is First Aid/CPR

  • Coaching education hours:

  • Head coaches must complete on-line rules clinic by March 20 2011

    • Asst. coaches encouraged
    • Two parts: sport specific and WIAA General Rules
    • Optional Concussion Management section

Shoreline Athletics

  • Coaches Code of Conduct-Signed & on file.

  • Athletes Code of Conduct

  • Review this with your team-Understand the code!

  • Athlete Participation fees

  • Fees are $100 per sport, no family discount plan

  • Schedules-all schedules found on

Shoreline Athletics

  • WESCO Guidelines

  • Now all electronic. You have one hard copy with individual sports regulation.

  • Full copy of WESCO Constitution can be found on the District one Web site:


  • Post Season Information

  • Brackets and bulletins for post-season available on District One web site-Make sure you and your team know post season “potential dates”

Shoreline Athletics WESCO Meetings

  • WESCO Pre-season meeting

  • Was Monday 2/28 @ Cascade HS 6pm

  • WESCO Post-season meeting

  • Monday 5/23 @ Jackson HS 6 pm

WESCO League Alignment 2010-11/ 2011-12

  • Adjustments to Western Conference (Wesco)

    • Increase in number of 3A schools in league leads to re-organization
      • 2010-11: 11- 4A and 8 - 3A schools
      • 2011-12: 11- 4A and 9 - 3A schools
  • 4A North:

  • Arlington, Marysville-Pilchuck, Lake Stevens, Monroe, Snohomish, Stanwood

  • 4A South:

  • Edmonds-Woodway, Cascade, Jackson, Kamiak, Mariner

  • 3A Division:

  • Everett Oak Harbor

  • Glacier Peak Shorecrest

  • Lynnwood Shorewood

  • Meadowdale (Marysville Getchell in 2011-12)

  • Mountlake Terrace

Shoreline Athletics WIAA Information

  • WIAA Rules/Regulations

  • Rule Books-building AD’s

  • WIAA Rules clinic/test:

  • Due Dates: March 20 for all HS Head Coaches

  • (HS assistants coaches are encouraged to take for 2 clock hours, contact Vicki Klein to register)

  • Let me know if you need another email regarding how to log in- be sure to finish test to completion and get to verification page that you have completed test.

Shoreline Athletics WIAA Practice Regulations

  • 17.9.1 For the purpose of meeting the pre-contest practice requirements, an athlete must participate in a majority of a designated practice time. Practice is defined as a regularly scheduled team physical activity designed for the preparation of athletes for the ensuing sports season and must be conducted under the supervision of the school coach.

  • 17.9.2 Practice shall be limited to each sports season as defined under each sport. Practices in one (1) sport can not be transferred toward the number of practices required in another sport. (post-season exception fall to winter up to 5)

  • 17.9.4 One (1) day is equal to one (1) practice for purposes of meeting the minimum practice requirements.

Shoreline Athletics WIAA Practice Regulations

  • 17.9.5 Practice days are considered to be Monday through Saturday.

  • A. Sundays may not be counted toward meeting the minimum practice requirements.

  • B. A nationally recognized holiday is an allowable practice day.

  • 17.9.6 Practice on a game day shall not allow an athlete to become eligible for competition on that day.

  • 17.9.7 Participation in pre-contest warm-up exercises shall not count as a required practice.

Shoreline Athletics NCAA Clearinghouse

  • Be sure all athletes understand that they must qualify with the NCAA Clearinghouse to play NCAA Division I or II athletics.

  • Direct them to meet with their school counselor

Think about it! (golf video)

Shoreline Athletics Passes

  • District One Supervisory passes

  • Admit one Adult only - not good for kids, and only good for person listed on the card.

  • not valid for post-season

  • Coaches Association (see handouts)

  • You are highly encouraged to join your Washington State Coaches Association. Those passes good for District level and most state level events.

Shoreline Athletics Volunteer Coaches

  • Must fill out volunteer coaching packet

  • Must be First Aid/CPR certified

    • True per WIAA and district policy
  • Must have 30 coaching education hours before 3rd year of coaching

  • May not supervise students alone

    • employee must be present at all times

Shoreline Athletics Volunteer Coaches

  • What is the Role of the Volunteer Coach?

  • (Head Coach, Building AD and District must all be on board before volunteer joins program).

  • Duties assigned by head or assistant coach

  • Do not interact with officials/parents in a negative way- shorter leash than other coaches-only head or assistant coaches will engage officials.

Shoreline Athletics

  • Coaches clinic reimbursement

  • $120 for HC, $60 for AC

  • ASEP Coaches Principles class offered every October

  • You are encouraged to take this class.

  • Directions to away locations:

  • Available on:

  • Shoreline S.D. web site & in Coaches Handbook

Shoreline Athletics

  • Safety Guidelines (not included with athletic packet because they are sport specific)

  • Concussion Information Sheet (included with athletic packet)

  • These forms must be turned in prior to first competition

Shoreline Athletics Inclement Weather

  • Snow Days-

  • See Blue Handout in Folder

Public Relations

  • What are two things you do to promote your program?

Publicity – High School

  • School bulletin and/or morning announcements, before and after each contest.

  • Get your athletes highlighted in the school paper, Everett Herald and Seattle Times

  • Report scores directly after the contest:

    • Everett Herald - Prep Sports- Before 10PM
      • 425-339-3471 or 866-672-6737
      • Email
      • Fax 425-339-3464
    • Seattle Times – Prep Sports- Before 10PM
      • 800-343-6319 or 206-464-2276
      • Email
      • Fax 206-464-3255

Shoreline Athletics FERPA/HIPPA

  • Student records are private

    • Do not discuss or post academics publicly
    • Do not release transcripts without written parent permission
    • Do not discuss discipline issues publicly
    • Do not discuss injury/health issues publicly

Award Programs

  • Promote your athletes for building athletic awards:

    • Athlete of the Year
    • Scholar Athlete award
    • Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete award
    • Cliff Gillies Award

Opportunities with Families

  • Pre-season Parent meeting-guide provided (see handout)

    • Present yourself professionally
    • Use it to show parents your plan; take your time
    • Gather contact information
  • End of year banquet/celebration

    • Dress nicely
    • Be prepared – awards, certificates, food?
    • Talk about every kid; make the parents proud

As you go into the season…

  • Remember this is for the kids

  • Use your position for positive influence

  • Prep your athletes for the real world

  • Don’t avoid tough situations by hoping they will go away with graduation

  • Remember your efforts and time for kids is appreciated

Shoreline Athletics Questions?

  • THANK YOU for all you do for the student-athletes in our school district!

  • Have a great season!

Shoreline Athletics School Specific Meetings

  • Shorewood stay here in Ballinger room

  • Shorecrest move to Hamlin room

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