Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives

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Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives:

Zenith City, USA

  • Located in upper Midwest

  • 20o F winter/78o F summer

  • 90,000 people in five boroughs

  • Historic manufacturing center beginning to attract tourists and conventions

  • Air, rail, and road transport

Zenith City, USA

  • City government is council/manager form with elected mayor

  • Fire and rescue services provided by Zenith City Fire Department

  • City served by four hospitals: St. Michaels (75 beds), Sacred Heart (100-bed facility w/ helipad), North End (50 beds) and Zenith City (50 beds)

Zenith City, USA

Zenith City, USA

  • Surface water is pumped from the Crystal River to supply drinking water to Zenith City

  • Alta City, Zenith City’s neighbor to the south, also derives its water supply from the Crystal River

  • Water treatment consists of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. In addition, softening, pH adjustment and fluoridation are also performed.

Zenith City, USA

  • Pumping stations have capacity of 5 MGD, and system can store up to 3 MG

  • 4 supply wells, 4 storage tanks, and 130 miles of distribution pipeline

  • Many homes and businesses lack backflow prevention valves.

Zenith City, USA

  • Wastewater services are provided in the southern portion of the city via a secondary wastewater treatment plant.

  • There are two stormwater outfalls: one located along the West River and the other on the Crystal River.


  • It is shortly after the July 4th weekend

  • A heat wave has just ended

  • Zenith City’s baseball team, the Riveters, record stands at 30-21

  • National Threat Advisory Level: Yellow

Zenith City Simple Tabletop Exercise

  • After Action Review

  • (“Hot Wash”)

  • Discussion Points

Verification That Exercise Objectives Were Met:

  • Test how public health officials and water suppliers work together in a water security incident

  • Determine methods for the recovery and remediation of a contaminated water system

  • Practice using the guidelines in the Response Protocol Toolbox

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