Since childhood, I had a strong interest in English and related fields, which motivated me to continue my studies in school

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Since childhood, I had a strong interest in English and related fields, which motivated me to continue my studies in school. During my school years, I participated in several championships held in English and achieved many achievements. Currently, I am a 1st year undergraduate student of Karshi State University.

Over the past five semesters, I have shown that I am committed to my expertise and focus on mastering the specialized aspects of English. Many teachers gave presentations on English language and literature, academic writing, communicative approach to language teaching, integration of language skills, and an integrated course in teaching foreign languages and writing, which completely interested me. Through my attempts to learn English, I had the opportunity to read English literature: books by James Patterson, Angela Marsons, Stephen King, and others. I am confident that my education is attractive and sufficient to make me a promising scholarship candidate.

There are several specific reasons why I want to continue my studies in Slovakia. First, many universities in Slovakia are among the top 1000 universities in the QS World University Ranking. Taking lessons from highly educated and experienced teachers gives me such an opportunity. Since Slovakia is a member of the European Union, degrees awarded by Slovak universities are recognized worldwide. In other words, if I get a job in the future, my professional potential will increase. Finally, in my second year, when I had the opportunity to present about the life of international students in other countries, I gave a presentation about the study and life of students in Slovakia at my university. It was then that I learned about the low cost of living, amenities and discounts for rail transport students and researchers in Slovakia. All the facilities listed above create a comfortable environment for students to work on their studies without worrying about lack of money. The economic performance of the country caught my attention and attracted me. I believe that my time spent as an exchange student in Slovakia will give me very valuable knowledge and skills that will be useful in my future career.

I already applied to the University of Jilina and they accepted me. The university itself attracted my attention with its academic potential and staff. I read that in 2015, according to the results of compulsory accreditation of higher education institutions, the university was among the top five universities in Slovakia. The university offers a wide variety of programs and courses, most of which are very comprehensive and well thought out. In addition, the university successfully attracts many students from different parts of the world every year. The opportunity to study with students from different walks of life gives me the opportunity to expand my horizons in various aspects of life, such as education, culture, social and personal self-development, etc. In addition, the university participates in 200 national and 41 international scientific projects and organizes about 60 scientific and professional events every year. This means that the university has an important influence not only on educational activities, but also on the development of international cooperation and relations with practice. Such a learning process based on special practice, which is a little less in my home university than in the University of Jilina, is an unprecedented valuable experience for my studies.

I have set a number of achievable goals that I would like to achieve during my time on the exchange program in Slovakia. First, I use courses offered by the University of Jilina that are not offered at my home university. For example, Media and Society, which includes media literacy training, is more important for critical evaluation of media content. I believe that in any other country, adapting to another culture, life and customs is a natural process, I am ready to meet in Slovakia with an open mind. Also, during the exchange program, I share Uzbek traditions, culture and national songs, wrestling, chillak and Andijan dances with Slovak students and foreign students. I study together with students and teachers, as this is one of the main factors in gaining deep knowledge in any field and is a good opportunity to share ideas and experiences from different backgrounds and backgrounds. Later on in my personal life and career it will be a big contribution for me to make decisions from different angles.
Also, any volunteer activity related to academic and non-academic goals is important for both students and me to develop respect for society and sense of responsibility towards society through volunteering. If my host university has language "cafes", campus activities, tutoring etc. such as volunteer activities, I believe that participating in these activities will undoubtedly improve the growth of my personal, social and technical skills, which are not easy to take throughout life without volunteering. After studying the process of teaching English in university classes in Slovakia, I try to use the useful aspects of teaching in our national teaching, which, as a rule, is limited only by the scope of the lesson. In addition, the methods used by professors in teaching English in Slovak language classes will be more important for me in my future career as a professional teacher to make my classes more effective and interesting. I can help many students from Uzbekistan to get a scholarship if they receive a scholarship. I strongly believe that I have a strong potential to be one of the best candidates.
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