Stay Safe Online in Six Steps Answers to Quiz 4 Million in 2007

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Stay Safe Online in Six Steps

Answers to Quiz

  • 8.4 Million in 2007 (most recent data as of Dec. 2009).

  • Secure.

  • When an intruder is looking for your personal information.

  • A firewall helps block out intruders.

  • Yes, but recommend you turn it off when you will not being using for a long period of time.

  • Every 3 months.

  • So that other users do not have access to your personal information.

6 Steps to Protect Your Family

Step 1: Protecting Your Personal Information

  • Email is not a secure tool for information

  • Avoid pop-ups asking for information

  • Verify a website is secure when shopping

  • Look for and read a website privacy policy

Watch out for impersonators

  • Watch out for impersonators

  • Lots of people like to go “Phishing”

    • Update your personal information
    • Sites look authentic
    • Don’t take the bait
  • If you think something is strange, or that

  • something illegal is going on, report them


Step 3: Purchase/Install Protective Software

  • Anti-virus software is critical

    • Scans computer and email for viruses and deletes them
    • Software should update routinely to catch the latest bugs
    • Most update automatically
  • Only download software from company websites or buy in a store

Step 3: Purchase/Install Protective Software

  • Firewalls keep people away from your files

    • Keeps hackers from breaking into your computer
    • Blocks communications to and from sources you don’t allow
  • Some operating systems come with a firewall built in, or you can install separate software or hardware

  • Make sure it is set up properly and updated regularly

Step 4: Ensure Proper Set Up of Your Web Browser

  • Change settings to increase security to stop hackers

  • Some systems offer free patches to close holes

  • Email software can filter spam

  • Turn computer off or unplug from phone or cable line if not using for long periods

Step 5: Protect Your Passwords

  • Keep passwords in safe place, out of plain view

  • Don’t share passwords over the Internet or on the phone

  • Choose passwords that are difficult to guess, and change them regularly

  • Use a variety of passwords for different accounts

Step 6: Ensure Child-safe Internet Use

Step 6: Ensure Child-safe Internet Use

  • Discuss and set guidelines and rules, and post the rules by the computer

    • Teach children never to give out personal information to people they meet online
  • Use Internet with children and become familiar with their activities

    • Know who their online friends are and supervise chat area
  • Keep computer in central and open location

  • Partition your computer into separate user accounts

  • Use parental controls from ISPs, purchased software and browsers

    • Consider software that monitors children’s email and web traffic (SpectorSoft)

Step 6: Ensure Child-safe Internet Use

  • Visit for information about who to contact if you think your child is in danger

  • Report instances of child exploitation to

  • Don’t let kids’ sophisticated technical skills intimidate you!

Additional Resources





  • (Better Business Bureau)

  • Deceptive spam:


All Six Steps for Safety

  • There is no single answer

  • Online safety requires combination of Internet habits and technology solutions

  • This set of cyber-security practices can make a difference!

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