Summary of Activity Presented by

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Summary of Activity

  • Presented by:

  • Jon F. Johnson, FCS & CI Extension Area Specialist

  • Prepared by:

  • - Pauline Milbourne, FCS & CI Extension Agent

  • - Jon F. Johnson, FCS & CI Extension Area Specialist

  • - Take Charge Participants

Meeting 1: Where Are We NOW?

Strengths in Accomack County

Weaknesses in Accomack County

Meeting 2: Where Do We WANT TO BE?

Hard at work to share ideas!

Breakout Group Work

…and more group work!

Reporting Back

Our Dream for Accomack County …2020

Our Dream for Accomack County …2020 (continued)

  • Maintaining automotive programs and building business training centers

  • Cleaner fresh water reservoirs and development of surrounding parks

  • Building a new facility for the Accomack Social Services Building

  • Protect the natural integrity of barrier island system

Our Dream for Accomack County …2020 (continued)

  • Modern, (up-to-standard) sewage systems

  • Continued support of NASA facilities

  • Build a causeway to Cedar Island or other barrier island that could be developed as an ecological friendly public facility

  • Capitalize on the unique and natural culture

Turn the Vision into Reality!

  • Determine what you want to accomplish!

  • Understand how you can assist with what actions are already in place!

Latest Eastern Shore Virginia Corporate Additions

  • Eastern Shore Composites (Cheriton)

  • Bay Breeze Tech Center (Nassawadox)

  • Interad Inc. (Accomack Airport)

  • Clearwater Sprinkler Systems (Accomack Airport)

  • Commonwealth Chesapeake (New Church)

  • proVento (Cape Charles)

  • Flame Crusher USA (Exmore)

  • Wako USA (Cape Charles)

What Do Businesses Need?

  • Counseling & Training

  • Surroundings & Infrastructure

  • Financing

  • Incentives

  • Incubator (space & services)

  • Markets

Counseling & Training

  • Small Business Development Center (part of Hampton Roads SBDC)

  • Funding from the Regional Partnership

  • Local office opened in 1999

  • About 45 clients each year

  • Example: Blue Crab Bay Company

Planned Surroundings & Infrastructure Improvements


  • Micro-enterprise loan fund (VESEEHC)

  • Revolving loan funds in Exmore ($30,000 max) and Chincoteague ($10,000 max) funded by CDBG

  • Examples: wine shop, garage, manufacturer, gift shop

Planning District Commission

  • Housing – Section 8 rental assistance, community redevelopment, indoor plumbing program

  • Planning – Route 13, town plans, water, and other regional issues

Summary and Outcomes of Take Charge

  • Continue efforts to create the grassroots community website to improve communication in all communities

  • Utilize technology and a community village to insure that all citizens have a computer or easy access to the Internet

  • Utilize existing resources (i.e. the TOP Initiative) to promote small or cottage industry development

  • Utilize community Web pages as a resource to existing programs and activities in Accomack County

  • Actively participate with the TLT to develop a grassroots technology plan that supplements regional technology planning

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