Suspended Contest

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Suspended Contest –

  • Suspended Contest –

  • A suspended contest shall be resumed from the point of interruption. Otherwise, USGA Rules regarding the resumption of suspended contests will apply.

Outside of Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama.

  • Outside of Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama.

  • Submitted no later than 60 days of travel.

  • Certification of Travel Approval

    • Letter from superintendent/board of director (president) approving the out of state travel (either/or)
    • Board minutes of approval for students to leave the state


Out of Bounds (OB)

Out of Bounds (OB) [cont.]

  • Out of Bounds (OB) [cont.]

  • The OB lines extends vertically upward and downward.

  • A ball is OB when all of it lies out of bounds.

  • You may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying in bounds.

  • District Planning Meeting: August 18 – August 22, 2014

  • District Coordinators:

  • The host school and location must be selected for District Tournaments as well as any Regional Tournament sites that have not been selected.

  • Official State Series Entry List Deadline:

  • October 6, 2014 – Form generated through C2C schools

  • District Tournaments: October 13,14,15, 2014

  • Regional Tournaments: October 20,21,22, 2014


    • Contact:
    • Dale Klaus
    • or 352.372.9551 ext. 390

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