Tango future for soleil middle term future on tango internally at soleil

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Middle term future on TANGO internally at SOLEIL

Quality point of view

Quality point of view

Prepare the large scale deployment

New Tango usage appears in our institute

  • Tango is at SOLEIL the standard « middleware »

    • Adopted by the « Data Management group » for data extraction applications
  • Tango will in these cases used without any kind of hardware nor equipments

  • Helps doing collaborative applications in our institute (for instance between the Data Management and Controls groups)

  • Tango makes the « CORBA component model » a reality at SOLEIL

Dreams on TANGO diffusion outside SOLEIL

Tango in research institutes

Tango as a academic tool to learn distributed system

Tango as in industrial Control systems

Technical enhancements whishes

At the software bus level

Improve operation tools

Supervision layer

Improve development environment

Long term vision

  • TANGO Control system is dead !!

    • Because it already works

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