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Frederick W. Taylor (1856-1915) is considered the father of the classical theory of scientific management. The formation of the school of scientific management is associated with the publication of the book "Principles of Scientific Management" in 1911. First of all, he justified the need for a scientific approach to management for efficient use of human and material resources. Taylor was interested in the efficiency of the person, but the organization. Approach to improving the management of the organization, priority is given to engineering solutions.
His theory had a unilateral influence on the control system of subordination to the employee and the manager. Masati considered the motives and driving forces of labor activity .
Taylor advanced four scientific principles of management:

Taylor's ideas were developed by his followers - Gantt, F. Giloriit, G. Emerson.
The concept of a scientific department became acute because it was recognized as an independent line of scientific research.
The essence of the school of scientific management is that its representatives:

  • justifies the need for scientific labor management to increase productivity;

  • place priority principles scientific organization Labor;

  • it became necessary to solve the problem of effective work motivation.

However, the human factor remained almost outside the focus of this school.


It has achieved goals such as increasing the efficiency of large groups of people and affects two main aspects:

  • development of a rational structure of the organization;

  • building a rational system of personnel management - based on the bureaucratic model.

Henri Fayol (1841 - 1925), a French sociologist, is the founder of the administrative school of Management. Foo-Oraiya was malili, he divided the management functions into the general field of activity and all the functions that have their own, unique characteristics, which are directly related to the management of the enterprise.
According to the file, it is necessary to first create a good structure without increasing the functions and unnecessary management levels, and then look for the appropriate workers, that is, the necessary workers, ie the principle of compliance with the structure of employees.

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