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The opening of any restaurant, cafe, bar begins with understanding the idea and careful planning. The owner of the restaurant decides which target audience the restaurant will target, where the establishment is located
better yet, decide the number of visitors and the size of the average check. Thus, even at the idea stage, the entrepreneur draws the initial conclusion of the restaurant business plan. The restaurant business is generally highly competitive. And yet, despite the saturation of the market, there is always and always a demand for catering services. Especially in businesses with more democratic prices, including cheap fast food restaurants and cafes. In general, what to do first, choosing a place or concept for a cafe is an important issue. It can be hard to find it with a great idea for suitable buildings and vice versa. Perhaps it makes sense for a start-up entrepreneur to turn to the services of consulting companies. There you can offer several options for buying or renting premises or (if necessary) a lot of land ... If you want to buy a ready-made business, then such an opportunity can be given. The experts of the consulting firm will conduct market marketing research on your order, analyze the prospects of your chosen business idea or find it more profitable according to your financial capabilities. There you can also order a business plan for your future cafe. If additional funding needs to be attracted, the development of a cafe business plan will be done in two slightly different copies. One copy of the business plan is for the client, the other for investors and credit organizations ... The future owner of the cafe painted in detail the information about the main stages of business organization, as well as long-term and short-term planning receives a document containing the information in the file. Investors are primarily interested in the guarantees of timely repayment of the loan with the efficiency of capital investments, appropriate interest rates and return on investment. In fact, it is the responsibility of the future business owner to create a business plan for the cafe for their own needs. You can find and download a ready-made business plan for a restaurant, regular cafe, children’s cafe, Internet cafe or other similar catering establishments on the Internet, including on our website. Only then will you need to adapt it to your specific circumstances. You can do this yourself or use the services of experts. How to create a business plan for a restaurant or cafe. Template and recommendations. The main thing is to take into account the main points and subtleties required for a business plan. A competent business plan should include a detailed description of both the project itself and its financial component. For example, take a small cafe business plan ... Ideas that you need to reflect in your business plan. Description of the project 40 small democratic cafe opening seats. The goal is to provide quality services Meals are for middle-income guests. Demand The main stream of visitors is during lunch and at the end of work, in the evening. Providing services for the organization of individual guests, as well as small banquets, holiday events. Marketing and sales Beautifully decorated signs and showcases, unique design. Advertising on the Internet, radio, television and in the press. Informing employees of nearby enterprises about the work of the enterprise, holding actions. Conclude long-term contracts with organization leaders to provide corporate services to employees. Documents Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to work in the inspection bodies. Production Part Location. An area with several businesses with good traffic. The area of ​​the room is about 200 sq.m. The number of employees is 12 people (cooks - 2, waiters - 4, bartenders - 2, administrators - 2, accountant - 1, support staff - 2, cleaner - 1).
When hiring workers, the Restaran owner should be the main interviewee as any customer who comes there should be satisfied with the service.
Basically, waiters should be between 18 and 25 years old and they should be polite and very attentive when dealing with customers.
Equipment: table and chairs for hall and ancillary rooms, bar counters, showcases, refrigerators, stoves, ovens and other cooking equipment, dishwasher, dishes, stereo system, TV. The menu should include: salads, appetizers, first courses, hot meat dishes, side dishes, soft and non-alcoholic beverages, desserts. Suppliers. Implementing organizations are food products ... They have to offer quality goods at affordable prices and deliver them to customers themselves. Financial part Initial costs depend on the type of ownership, the cost of repairs and the quality of the equipment. It should also be taken into account: wages, food purchases, advertising. It should be noted that all registration permits also amount to a certain amount. The profitability of an enterprise is directly measured by attendance and check volume. The payback period is 1.5-2 years. It is better to consult experts on the issue of proper financial calculations. Business Development Prospects Open a summer cafe, set up an umbrella next to the business in the warm season and put tables under it. To do this, you need to create a set of documents for the opening of a summer cafe. Be sure to analyze the level of competition: how many similar cafes are close, their strengths and weaknesses, what you need to do to get their customers to come to your cafe, and how to keep your visitors. In summary, what I really want to do is make the cafe business plan, like any other business in the service industry, not so difficult, especially using ready-made templates and best practices. Remember, you can always turn to the experts! The restaurant business was first born in the 18th century. Modern catering establishments are evolving over time and today, after a thorough study of the restaurant’s business plan, more and more investors are ready to spend their money on this business. After all, the institution receives a pleasant reward for all the efforts of the restaurateur properly organized. The same goes for investors who want to make a profit. Even if you have enough funds to get started and you don’t plan on attracting investors, creating the next action plan for opening a restaurant is the most important task in the first stage. What is important to know before opening a restaurant? The catering business is like no other. It’s a very time-consuming, responsible business that can’t be done “without our sleeves down”. Remember - these are very big risks and the outcome is unpredictable. To be successful, a future restorer needs to be informed in a variety of areas because a restaurant is a unique economic unit. This requires knowledge in areas such as design, architecture, cooking, marketing from both the commercial and manufacturing enterprise, the future owner. Despite the many responsibilities placed on staff, an entrepreneur needs to understand financial issues, work with people, control costs, product purchases, worry about good customer service, and more. Those who want to open their own restaurant have a great responsibility: First, the restaurant business in Russia is still quite young. Recently, the Russian market of public catering services began to flourish. At the same time, a high level of competition has formed in this field of activity and only strong players are able to swim. Second, even opening a modest restaurant is both financially and temporarily costly. There are only a few responsibilities here: searching and renting buildings; development of technical plan together with engineers, builders, designers; preparation of a business plan for the institution; purchase and installation of equipment; restaurant decoration; provision of dishes and other items; staffing; waste removal, disposal, etc. conclusion of contracts with service companies; purchase of food, beverages; create a menu; financial problems (calculations, salaries, etc.); the composition of the restaurant; payment of rent, utilities, taxes, etc. The audience loves not only delicious and healthy food, but also a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, the restaurateur should also create a hospitable and festive atmosphere in the restaurant so that customers can have a delicious meal and have a good time outside the home. Only then do they return to the restaurant again and again. As you can see, you can’t do business in a restaurant business without being loyal to your business.
But the reward is worth it. The minimum profitability can be 20-25% and with effective management it reaches 60%. If you are ready for this, think carefully about the type and class of the restaurant, its location and concept, as this should be reflected in the business plan. 1. We choose the restaurant type, class and room. It is impossible without specifying the specific features of the restaurant and its type. Restaurants may vary depending on the type of product they offer. This menu only specializes in fish, cheese, meat products and more. These include restaurants with an assortment of national / foreign cuisines. There are also non-specialized catering establishments. The division according to location takes place as follows. restaurant machines; food courts; Heavenly Restaurants; hotel restaurants; landscape restaurants and more. Luxury - elite restaurants with high prices and appropriate level of service. Such establishments are also distinguished by a luxurious, rich menu, a wide range of services, unique features of serving dishes and a corporate identity. The highest rate is for restaurants designed for middle-income catering. They are associated with convenience, the presence of a bar with both refined and simple dishes, cocktails, drinks and a unique catalog of design. Firstly. In the language of restaurateurs, these are fast food dishes where people can order standard dining options at affordable prices. Self-service, the simplicity of the interior is typical for fast food. Deciding on the type of restaurant and which class it belongs to, you need to choose a room. Location to some extent determines the future of the enterprise. If you want to provide a restaurant with a large influx of customers, consider options located in noisy urban areas, places with busy streets.
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