The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

  • Direct Speech

When recording what someone says, we use speech marks “”

  • Oh dear…Miss Walsh forgot to punctuate this direct speech. Where should the punctuation go?
  • I want to go home said Susan.
  • Don’t be afraid said Aslan.
  • Leave Edmund alone shouted Peter.

Rules for writing direct speech:

  • Speech marks go around the bits of a sentence actually being said.
  • “Hello!”
  • Every time we a character starts to speak, we need to use a capital letter.
  • “Hi!”
  • We also need to put some form of punctuation into each piece of speech at the end, before we close the speech marks.
  • !?,.

Now have a go at adding the correct punctuation to the following speech:

  • This is the land of Narnia said Mr Tumnus.
  • Can we play hide-and-seek asked Lucy.
  • I would like some Turkish Delight please said Edmund.
  • Look out for the wolf shouted Susan.
  • Who is usually the most truthful asked the Professor.
  • Aslan is waiting at the Stone Table said Mr Beaver.

Check your punctuation!

  • “This is the land of Narnia,” said Mr Tumnus.
  • “Can we play hide-and-seek?” asked Lucy.
  • “I would like some Turkish Delight please,” said Edmund.
  • “Look out for the wolf!” shouted Susan.
  • “Who is usually the most truthful?” asked the Professor.
  • “Aslan is waiting at the Stone Table,” said Mr Beaver.
  • Well Done!
  • We also need to start a new line every time a different character speaks.
  • “Isn’t it time you were in bed?” asked Susan.
  • “You’re not Mum!” grumbled Edmund.
  • “It’s getting late though,” she replied.
  • We have to help Mr Tumnus
  • I agree
  • Lucy
  • Peter
  • Susan
  • Can you write the above conversation as direct speech, using the correct punctuation and start a new line every time a different character speaks?

Were you right?

  • “We have to help Mr Tumnus.” said Lucy.
  • “I agree,” replied Peter.
  • “I think we should go home,” said Susan.


  • Re-write the speech bubbles as direct speech.
  • Remember to use correct punctuation and to start a new line for each character!
  • Extension:
  • Make up your own conversations for the characters from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Highlight the Success Criteria that you have met.

  • I can re-write speech bubbles as direct speech.
  • I can put speech marks in the right place.
  • I can begin with a capital letter.
  • I can put a , or ! or ? at the end of what is said.
  • I can start a new line when a new character speaks.
  • I can check my work.

Plenary: What is wrong with the following?

  • “Forward into battle” shouted! the Witch.
  • “thank you for coming with me,” said Aslan.
  • That’s enough, Lucy! said Peter sternly.
  • “I am a wicked Faun, sobbed Mr Tumnus.”
  • This sword and “shield is for you,” said Father Christmas.
  • “He is not a tame lion” said Mr Tumnus.

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