The role and role of innovation in the development of our economy

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Conclusions and suggestions

In short, in modern enterprises engaged in innovative entrepreneurship and introducing innovations using foreign experience in the production process, wages are 2-3 times higher than traditional enterprises, work productivity is 2 times higher, especially the standard of living of workers is higher. the fact that the relative quality and well-being is ensured shows the positive aspects of today's innovative economic reforms. But along with the achievements, there are also problems that need to be solved .
For example:

  • that our entrepreneurs do not have sufficient skills in business management;

  • inability of working people to absorb news quickly;

  • they cannot adequately assess internal and external risks, the need for innovation and their position in the world market;

  • insufficient attention is paid to the development of enterprises, increasing competitiveness;

  • business environment and developing a structure to encourage innovation.


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