The Scientific Consensus How do we know the earth is warmer?

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The Scientific Consensus

How do we know the earth is warmer?

The Scientific Consensus

Ecosystem Management in the Western US

Predictions for future precipitation trends

Small Warming, Big Changes

  • Small increases in regional temperature would have major consequences for the West’s natural resources, even in the absence of major precipitation change

Rain vs. Snow

  • Rain is likely to run off immediately rather than soaking into the soil

  • Rain may not be as effective as snow for recharging groundwater supplies

  • Shifting towards more rain will likely intensify late-summer droughts

  • Switching from snow to rain may have significant consequences for Western ecosystems

The West’s Desert Climate

Western Regional Climate




And now the good news… We know enough to start acting TODAY Adaptation is not dependant on causation

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  • Contact Information:

    • Steve Gray
    • Water Resources Data System
    • 307-766-6651

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