The Taliban and ss troops Author’s Bias

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The Taliban and SS Troops

Author’s Bias

  • The Taliban are evil

  • The Taliban prey on innocent civilians.

  • Everyday life is ruined because of the Taliban’s unfair ruling.

Our Bias

  • We agree with the author’s bias.

  • The Taliban are portrayed in the American media as being a cruel force that is harming the Afghani public.

Daily Lifestyles in Afghanistan before the Taliban Reigned

  • Life for privileged Afghanis was relatively easy going.

  • Afghanistan wasn’t so technologically advanced and everyday life didn't revolve around technology.


Our Conclusion for The Kite Runner

  • In the end, all of the struggles happened for a reason

  • Hassan’s fate

  • Amir’s growth

  • Baba’s downfall

Daily Life Styles in Germany

  • Germany was recuperating from WWI.

Germany During WWII

  • WWII changed daily life in Germany.


  • After Hitler became chancellor, people joined the National Socialist party because it allowed them to keep their jobs and stick to their their normal daily lifestyle.

Conclusion on Nazism

  • The two topics parallel in the sense that two countries experienced radical power shifts, and the shifts ultimately resulted in global conflict.

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