The West “View” a publication of West View Healthy Living • 1715 Mechanicsburg Rd. • Wooster, Ohio 44691 Spring 2016 Upcoming Events Memory Care Support Group

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The West “View”

a publication of West View Healthy Living • 1715 Mechanicsburg Rd. • Wooster, Ohio 44691

Spring 2016

Upcoming Events

Memory Care Support Group 

2nd Thursday of each month 


Parkinson’s Support Group


3rd Thursday of each month 


Grief Support Class:  

Six-week course  

Mondays, beginning June 6 


Senior Dinner 

Tuesday, June 14 • 6:00pm 

Speaker: Dr. Michael Todd, 

OSU Sports Medicine 

Topic: Total Shoulder Replace-

ment and Rotator Cuff Care

Transitional Care Center  

Open House 


Wed., June 22 • 1:30-3:30pm 

Senior Health Speaker


Monday, June 27 • 2:00pm 

Speaker: Gene Lehman, Better 

Life Flex & Stretch 

Topic: The Relief of Pain 

Through Stretching

Administrator’s Message


ello again! We 

have been so 

pleased to receive such 

great feedback about 

the initial issue of The 

West “View” from so 

many of you! We will 

continue to supplement 

each issue with our latest 

happenings, and inside 

glimpses into the day to day life 

on our campus. Please feel free to 

become a part of any or all of our 

upcoming events, be it a social, 

a support group, or a fundraising 

event! We always welcome 

community, staff, and family 

involvement at West View.

The mission of West View 

continues to drive us daily to 

provide consistent top notch care 

to our community and those who 

reside permanently on our campus. 

We strive to maintain the highest 

standards of care delivery and are 

always looking to increase the 

offerings of the types of services 

that we are able to provide.

Additionally, we continue to 

experience a need to seek out 

financial support to provide top 

quality care while offsetting 

the rising costs associated with 

health care. In 2015, we 

provided care to over 

300 individuals across 

the campus and had a 

charitable care gap for 

the cost of care vs. what 

we are reimbursed for 

that was in excess of $2 

million dollars. 

We have been humbled by the 

initial outpouring of giving with the 

last newsletter and are anticipating 

the participation will continue 

to grow with each subsequent 

publication. I encourage you to 

consider a monetary contribution 

to West View Healthy Living in 

a partnership for ensuring our 

Christian based Not-For-Profit 

vision for our campus lives on.

We are pleased to be continuing 

our endeavors to educate and 

inform our community on the 

great works occurring here at West 

View Healthy Living. If there are 

additional topics or items that you 

may wish for us to highlight, please 

let myself or Kelli Beckler know.

Proverbs 11:25 A generous person 

will prosper; whoever refreshes 

others will be refreshed.

Bonnie Hall, LNHA

Lifestyles at West View

Assisted Living

 at West View is a place of fellowship

vitality ... and support. It’s wellness-focused assisted living 

complimented by the supportive care services one needs to help 

keep them as independent as possible for as long as possible. 

From personal assistance with things such as medication 

monitoring to grooming and bathing assistance, our goal is to 

provide a caring, supportive atmosphere where you enjoy the 

ultimate in comfort, hospitality and security ... and fun.

We do have one- and two-room suites available. Stop in and see 

for yourself what makes Assisted Living at West View unique.

Save the Date

West View will be 

holding the 2nd 

Annual Golf Outing  

on Wednesday, 

August 3


at The Wooster 

Country Club.

West View Healthy Living

page 2 

The West “View” 

Leaving a Legacy

“Whatever you do work at it with all 

your heart, as working for the Lord, 

not for men.” Colossians 3:34


ob and Rene’ Dewald have 

dedicated their 

lives to having a 

servant’s heart. They 

had lived most of 

their married life in 

Montana and both have 

always been involved 

in giving in one way or 


For 30 years Rene’ 

was in charge of recruiting 

volunteers at church for the 

children’s programs and was the 

Director and lead teacher at the 

preschool program that she helped 

develop at that church. Bob worked 

as a substation operator at a power 

station and was always involved in 

volunteer work through their church. 

Bob retired in 2011 and Rene’ was 

forced to retire in 2013 due to health 

issues and a fall in the classroom. 

She was diagnosed with Lupus, 

Graves’ Disease, Sjogren’s Disease, 

and dealt with affects from asbestos 


Bob & Rene’ made yearly trips to 

Wooster, Ohio to visit their son and 

his family. In 2013 during 

their visit they decided to 

take a look at West View’s 

Independent Living as they 

were beginning to think 

about being closer to family 

and their future needs due to 

Rene’s health issues. They 

immediately felt connected 

to West View’s campus due 

to being a faith based and Not-For-

Profit community.  “It was a God 

thing” that everything just fell into 

place and they moved in to one of the 

Independent Villas on April 1, 2014. 

The Dewalds state they feel a sense 

of community at West View. They 

feel people who are a part of this 

campus should participate in the 

community. They both volunteer 

on campus two days a week…

Rene’ on the Bridges Memory Care 

neighborhood and Bob doing 1:1 

visits, helping with bingo and leading 

“The Townsmen” group once a 

month. They also enjoy interacting 

and developing friendships with the 

other people who live in the Villas. 

Rene’ was officially diagnosed with 

Parkinson’s in the last year and also 

fell and broke her arm. Despite all 

of her physical issues, she continues 

to volunteer and feels that no matter 

what condition a person is in there 

is something they can do to make a 

difference. She feels giving to others 

helps her to take her mind off of her 

physical impairments and is helping 

to delay further impairments. The 

Dewalds also feel the importance 

of giving financially to support 

the mission and make a monthly 

contributions to the West View 

organization. “It’s our way of life,” 

we don’t want to just live here but 

we want to be invested spiritually, 

financially and socially.

The West View Auxiliary


he Gift Shop in Town Square 

is completely run by the 

Auxiliary of West View. It is open 

Monday-Saturday 12:30-4:30. 

The Gift Shop offers snacks, 

beverages, cards, gift items, and 

more. Many of the items for 

sale come from an organization 

called Serrv, which is a nonprofit 

committed to fighting poverty 

through alternative trade since 

1949. These products are made by 

men and women from Bangladesh, 

Haiti, Kenya, India, Peru, Nepal, 

Vietnam, Mexico, and Philippines. 

There are so many unique items 

including beautiful nativity 

scenes. The Gift Shop is a great 

place to find a special gift for a 

loved one! All money raised in 

the Gift Shop is given back to 

West View as the primary source 

of donations from the Auxiliary. 

The Auxiliary is made up of 

volunteers from the community.  

If you are interested in becoming 

a member of the Auxiliary please 

contact Tina Mackey, Treasurer at 


Bob and Rene’ Dewald

Wish List

There are many ways to 

support our mission that do 

not involve making a monetary 

donation. Our “Wish List” 

outlines specific items that are 

needed by our community to 

ensure we continue providing 

the highest level of care and 

services to those we serve. 

Currently, West View would 

greatly appreciate any of the 

following Wish List items:

• iPods 

• iTunes Gift Card 

• Crayola Twistable Colored  


• Pat Catans, Walmart or Sally 

  Beauty Supply Gift Cards 

• Bird Feeders with Iron Stands 

• Bird Seed

The Gift Shop is open 

Monday-Saturday 12:30-4:30


Spring 2016 

page 3

Mission Moment


ary Driscoll will turn 95 in 

August and states “I am still 

willing to live.” She has experienced 

a lot trials, challenges, happiness 

and changes in her 94 years of 

life. Mary’s mother passed away 

when she was nine years old and 

Mary lived with various people and 

situations the rest of her growing 

up years. Mary was always a hard 

worker and worked various jobs 

from being a maid, caretaker and 

different factory jobs throughout her 

life. She was married to an abusive 

husband for 20 years and then was 

fortunate to leave this situation and 

later married to a wonderful man for 

over 45 years until he passed away 

from dementia a few years ago. 

Throughout her life she always kept 

busy and enjoyed sewing on the 

side and made items and sold them 

for extra income. At age 55 she was 

forced to retire due to a torn retina 

and her vision becoming extremely 

impaired. She went on disability but 

decided she needed something new 

in her life to fill that working void so 

she took up painting. She took eight 

water color lessons and has taught 

herself other mediums of painting. 

She truly enjoyed painting pieces on 

wooden slats and saws and sold her 

pieces in art galleries. 

Over the last several years her vision 

has declined and she is now blind 

in one eye and everything is blurry 

through the other eye. After Mary’s 

daughter passed away three years ago, 

she moved in with her grandson in 

a “mother in law” suite. During this 

time she began having difficulty living 

independently. She was hospitalized in 

January of 2015 due to an illness and 

chose to come to West View at that 

time to live permanently. She states “I 

wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…I 

love it here.” 

Shortly after moving in the Life 

Enrichment Staff realized Mary’s 

love for painting and helped her 

set up “Mary’s Magnificent Art 

Studio” in the corner of the Activity 

Room. Mary enjoys spending part 

of her day working on her acrylic 

paintings. She has been able to sell 

her paintings at the annual Craft 

Show here at West View. Mary also 

enjoys crocheting and sells some of 

these items as well. 

Mary states she was lonely living 

at home and has made friendships 

at West View. She states people at 

West View are so wonderful and she 

“appreciates this because I didn’t 

always have it so wonderful during 

my life”. Mary is a true testament to 

West View’s mission of enhancing 

the physical, mental and spiritual 

well-being of those we serve.

Chaplain’s Corner


hat great theologian 

Johnny Carson 

once said, “Happiness 

is your dentist telling 

you it won’t hurt, and 

then having him catch 

his hand in the drill.” 

Laughter has been called 

“the safety valve of the 

nervous system,” and so 

are tears.  But tears can be draining 

where laughter relaxes our body.  We 

experience both throughout the course 

of a life-time .  A Norwegian proverb 

states, “ He who laughs-lasts.” 

Laughter contributes to longevity.  

Laughter is a form of internal jogging.  

You don’t get to be in your 80’s, 90’s 

and 100 or over which we have had 

here at West View without the ability 

to laugh.  So many have learned 

to laugh in the face of 

adversity or at themselves.   

How can we learn to laugh 

in the midst of difficult 

circumstances?  Where 

does that kind of joy and 

contentment come from?  

When we consider those 

things that rob us of joy 

and take them to God in 

prayer we will be on the path to life 

and laughter.  

When we give thanks to Him in 

advance for how he will handle 

our challenges we show our trust 

in him and he shows up to provide 

protection, peace, comfort and 

encouragement.  Philippians 4:6 

states, “Be anxious for nothing, 

but in everything by prayer and 

supplication, with thanksgiving 

present your requests to God and the 

peace of God will guard your heart 

and mind.” That gives us something 

to laugh about because it takes 

away the things that choke out his 

promises and peace.  And when we 

rub shoulders with others who help 

bear our burdens we can find laughter 

to get through.  Humor is like divine 

medicine. “A merry heart doeth good 

like a medicine” (Prov. 17:22).  And 

Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “The 

happiness of life is made up of minute 

fractions-the little, soon-forgotten 

charities of a kiss or smile, a kind 

look or heartfelt compliment.”  Chuck 

Swindoll once said, “It is often as 

sacred to laugh as it is to pray.”  Not 

bad advice for us today.

Pastor Kirk Fairhurst

Mary Driscoll painting in 

“Mary’s Magnificent Art Studio”

West View Healthy Living

1715 Mechanicsburg Rd. 

Wooster, OH 44691


Volunteers Making A Difference


ational Volunteer Week was 

celebrated April 10-16, 2016. 

It is a yearly week of recognition 

for the many people in the U.S. 

who give generously of their time 

and resources to a huge variety 

of causes. West View Healthy 

Living recognized their volunteers 

with a breakfast and the theme 

was “A Heart That Serves.” West 

View volunteers all have “Servant 

hearts” and give so much. The staff 

in turn wanted to give them a day, 

recognize and serve them. The over 

100 active Volunteers at West view 

gave 7079 hours in 2015! 

If you are interested in 

volunteering please contact Jackie 

Wolff Volunteer Coordinator 

at 330-264-8907 to learn about 


A non-profit continuing care 

retirement community in 

Wooster since 1956. Affiliated 

with the Northern Ohio District 

Church of the Brethren. 

Board of Directors

Mike Force, Chair 

Don Battershell, Vice Chair 

Wayne Hochstetler, Treasurer 

John Fleming, Secretary 

Carole Van Pelt 

Kathryn Gray 

Ellen Moore 

Molly Farley 

Rich Siegenthaler 

Katherine Gallagher 

Mavern King 

Margo Broehl, Legal Counsel

Group of volunteers 

who received special 

recognition for hours of 

service given in 2015. 

Back L-R  Lee Jacues, 

Fred Phillips, Ladonna 

Witt, Rene & Bob 

Dewald & Nancy Wetter 

and Front Anna Weekly 

& Volunteer Coordinator 

Jackie Wolff.

The Mission of West View Healthy Living is to foster, maintain and operate a Christian Retirement Community 

that provides older adults with caring and quality services toward the enhancement of their physical, mental and 

spiritual well-being consistent with the Christian Gospel.

Patrolman Matt 

Cruise and Assisted 

Living resident 

Mary Misner

Officer Appreciation


est View invited members 

of the Wooster City Police 

Department and the Wayne County 

Sheriff’s Department to an afternoon 

of appreciation on May 18. Residents, 

staff & family members lined Town 

Square and the officers walked 

through, shook hands and received 

praise and thanks from everyone. 

West View treated the officers to ice 

cream from our café and sent them 

back to their stations with a signed 

card from 

everyone and 

tray of cookies. 

It was a great 

day for all.


U.S. Postage


Permit #87

Wooster, OH

West View Healthy Living

Thank you Donors!

January – March 2016

Chaplaincy Endowment Fund

Robert Wetter Sr. 

Bob & Nancy Wetter 

West View Auxiliary 

Dale & Maurita Force

Benevolent Care Endowment Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Ferenc Relle Jr. (In Memory of 

Bob Horst) 

West View Auxiliary

Life Enrichment Program

Donated Furniture Sales 

Cheryl Prost

Annual Campaign-The West View Fund

Bob & Rene’ Dewald 

Northern Ohio District Church of the Brethren 

East Nimishillen Church of the Brethren 

Akron Springfield Church of the Brethren 

Akron First Church of the Brethren 

Center Church of the Brethren 

John L Farrison Estate 

Ed & Debra Rutkowski 

West View Auxiliary 


ROPC (Recognition of Partners) Fund

Bob Horst Family

In Memory of Kathryn Malgieri

Kathleen Malgieri

In Memory of Iola Elliott

Eileen Fox

In Memory of Paul Horst

Cheryl Bardoe 

James & Jeanne Tegtmeier 

Michael & Lisa Zehnal 

Dorothy Harmon 

Ann, Kathy & Denise Barnes 

Paradise Church of the Brethren 

Chester & Pauline Gable 

Bob & Diane DePhilip 

Melvin & Pearl Cormany 

NACS, Inc. 

Willard & Ruby House 

Tennyson & Susan Krugh 

Nancy Burkholder 

Linda Mitchell 

Joyce Van Keuren 

Wahnita Hawk

In Memory of Bob Horst  

(ROPC Fund)

Richard & Lizbeth Mang 

Chet & Pat Mohler 

Fred & Ann Horst 

Jeff & Mandee Lemon 

Dr. John K Miller 

Wilber & Judith Moss 

Dick & Nancy Mackey 

Dick & Sheila Orr 

Bob & Carol Brown 

Albright Welding Employees 

Clayton & Dianne Osburn 

Stephen & Catherine Schmid 

Dennis & Janet Brayer

Partners/Board Members

Katherine & Tim Gallagher 

Allie Barnes 

Kelli Beckler 

Nikki Evans 

Kirk Fairhurst 

Amy Farnsworth 

Barb Ferriman 

Bethany Gerber 

Cheryl Grimes 

Rick Hacker 

Bonnie Hall 

Erin Hill 

Theresa Ketler 

Furies Kuhn 

Allen Lifer 

Nancy Martin 

Penny Martin 

Amanda McDuffie 

Carla Miner 

Robyn Moss 

Jan Mullett 

Mary Norris 

Sarah Patterson 

Lydia Raber 

Malinda Roach 

Jamie Trukovich 

Dan Wintrow 

Jackie Wolff 

Lisa Slater 

Mary Jones 

Terry McCune 

At West View, donations can be made to the following:

* Memorial/Tribute Donations – Donations can be made in memory of 

a loved one or in honor of an individual or for a special occasion.

* West View Healthy Living Benevolent Care Endowment Fund – 

This endowment fund assists West View in covering the financial gap 

between Medicaid coverage and actual cost of care and services.

* Chaplaincy Endowment Fund – West View is fortunate to have a full 

time Chaplain on staff to support our Residents, families and the greater 

community. This Endowment Fund was originally funded by the West 

View Auxiliary and continues today to help support this program.

*  The West View Fund – Gifts to this fund will positively impact our 

Resident’s lifestyle by directly affecting West View’s operating budget.

The generous gifts that West View 

Healthy Living receives help to 

support the organization and enables 

West View to continue to provide 

exceptional care and services needed 

to enhance the quality of life for 

those we serve. The thoughtful 

support of our residents, their 

families and friends, our Partners, 

as well as the contributions of many 

others within our greater community, 

play an important role in helping to 

fulfill West View’s Christian mission. 

West View Healthy Living

West View Healthy Living

2nd Annual 

Golf Outing 

Wednesday, August 3


at The Wooster Country Club 

1251 Oak Hill Road, Wooster 

Registration 9:00am

Shotgun Start 10:00am

Four Person Scramble $100 per person

Registration includes: 

18 holes of golf, cart, driving range, sleeve of balls, 

continental breakfast, lunch, and after party

Prizes for 1st & 2nd place  

Women’s and Men’s Teams

All proceeds will benefit the  

West View Healthy Living  

Benevolent Care Endowment Fund.  

Sponsorships are available. 

For more information contact  

Kelli Beckler at 330-264-8904  

or 330-988-3484 

Forms can be found on our website:

West View Healthy Living is a not-for-profit 501c3 faith-based, continuing care retirement community serving Wayne County.

Corporate Sponsors:

West View Healthy Living

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