Today In Afghanistan Taliban still follows Sharia Law

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Today In Afghanistan

  • Taliban still follows Sharia Law.

  • Women do not have a lot of freedom.

  • Afghanistan is a haven for Islamic fundamentalists.

  • Trains militant Muslims to do terrorist acts to fight enemies of Islam, Israel and America.

  • “Blowback” syndrome.

The Ottoman Empire

The Rise of a New Turkey

Abdullah Ocalon, THE KURDS, AND THE PKK

The Enemy Within

Geography and Economy

War In Chechnya Today

  • Chechens invade Dagestan.

  • Four apartment buildings explode in Russia.

  • They believe that Chechens were responsible.

  • Experts fear the, “Afghanistan Scenario.”

  • Future uncertain.

Chechen History

Chechen View on Russian War

  • Chechens believe that Russians are greedy.

  • Chechens claim heinous acts have been committed against civilians.

  • Chechens claim the Russian government is creating propagandas.

Conflict: A Modern Pastime

Oil in Caspian Sea Area

Muslim Religion in Russia

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