Top class in-house technologies: Top class in-house technologies

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Top class in-house technologies:

Uhde Oil Gas Refining has:

    • Uhde Oil Gas Refining has:
    • Designed and built the first Euro 4 compliance project (10 ppm Sulfur) at PCK Refinery Schwedt, Germany;
    • Realised 70% of Australian Clean Fuels and Refinery Performance Improvement Programs;
    • Delivered some 50 Middle Distillate and Gasoline HTUs in Europe and Asia since inception of international clean fuels programs with focus on Europe, Australia and India;
    • Realized Hydrogen plans with high reliability which support the smooth operation of Up-grader projects in Canada and Venezuela

Crude Oil Processing and Refining

  • Crude Oil Processing and Refining

  • Clean Fuels

  • Hydrogen

  • Aromatics

  • Lube Oil & Waxes

  • Ethers

  • Bio Fuels

  • Revamps

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