TransBaltic project dispute 29 of April 2010, Saint-Petersburg Dr. Pimonenko Mikhail

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TransBaltic project dispute 29 of April 2010, Saint-Petersburg


  • Consolidation of both the supplier and the customer base in changing the balance of power.

  • The continued fragmentation of consumer markets and the demand for customized solutions.

  • 3.“On-demand” becomes the norm, but customers expect a lower price.

  • 4. The impact of demographic changes on demand patterns and product flows.

  • 5. The impact that “peak oil” will have on transport costs and hence on sourcing and manufacturing location decisions.

  • Martin Christopher, UK


Custom points close to border

  • “ the aim of Concept – to make sure economic security of Russian Federation by improvement of Custom’s procedures in conditions of near border regions infrastructure development necessity and diminish in Russian big cities the transport charge, enforced by growing international trade.”

Aftermaths for Saint-Petersburg 1

  • Concept realization will lead to reduce of custom procedures places, so will decrease the competitiveness ( and as a result a period of pay off) for terminal-warehouse facilities, whose business-models were partly oriented to possible custom cleaning at this terminal. It will “help” to make crisis a little deeper.

  • Saint-Petersburg terminal-logistics infrastructure will lose some share of cargo flow.

Aftermaths for Saint-Petersburg 2

Main features of “free market”, administrative market and logistics chains ( market models)

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