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 Translate the text and find verbs. 
In the near future I will graduate from the Institute and become a professional economist. I'm sure that 
the profession of an economist is one of the most important nowadays.What makes a good economist? 
Whatever he does, an economist should have at horough training in economic theory, mathematics and 
statistics and our Institute offers such training.At the Institute various general and special subjects are 
taught, such as Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Management, Accounting, Marketing, Economic 
Theory, Econometrics, Statistics, Computer Science, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, etc.An economist 
needs some knowledge of the world outside his own country because both business and government are 
deeply involved in the world economy.Some knowledge of political and economic history will help him to 
expect changes.And always look for basic long-run forces under the surface of things.The profession of an 
economist is quite diversified. The graduates of our Institute work at educational institutions, various 
research centers and laboratories, in industry, business, banks, etc. You may continue your studies at the 
Post-graduate Courses or Doctorate if you have a desire and abilities to become a scientist or a professor. 
Scientists in the field of Economics create new theories and models, test their hypotheses and carry out 
economic researches. Being employed in industry and business, our graduates work as managers, as an 
executive manager, a sales manager and a financial manager. Some of them work asaccountants. Аn 
accountant is one of the most prestigious and widely required professions in any society. You shouldn't 
confuse an accountant with a book-keeper. While a book-keeper is mostly involved in calculations, like 
balance sheets, income statements, invoices, an accountant is responsible for designing the financial 
policy of a company. Some work at the banks, at the Stock Exchange as brokers, others work for the 
government or are employed by various agencies and by military services. Knowing the economic laws of 
the development of the society, economists can solve many problems facing this country and I hope I'll 
manage to make my contribution to this process. 

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