Trends in Electronics Reliability Testing by Dr. John W. Sofia

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Trends in Electronics Reliability Testing

  • by

  • Dr. John W. Sofia

The Starting Point

Yesterday And Today

Heat Fluxes For Various Events

Moore’s Law

Driving Factors

CPU Power Trend

Relative Cooling Capability of Various Modes of Convective Heat Transfer and Coolants

Power Dissipation of CMOS Devices Vs. Clock Speed

Explosion in heat flux

CPU Heat Dissipation Over Time

Processor Performance Vs. Temperature

National Technology Roadmap For Semiconductors

Industry Trends

  • CMOS will continue to be the pervasive semiconductor technology for both memory and logic.

  • Chip sizes will increase, but circuit density will increase even more resulting in higher heat flux

  • Cost will become an increasingly significant challenge for future high-end cooling designs.

  • There will be increase emphasis on reducing design time.

  • The majority of new computer systems will most likely be air-cooled for the next few years.

  • The application of low temperature cooling as a means to achieve improved system performance may be expected to increase over the next few years.

Major Causes of Electronic Failures

Trends in Electronic Cooling

Trends in Electronic Interconnects

Trends in System Costs

Trends in Test Needs

  • Increasing challenges to avoid thermal & interconnect failure

  • Increasing needs (& budgets) for reliability testing

Analysis Tech Thermal and Interconnect Reliability Test Systems

Analysis Tech Test & Measurement Systems for Electronic Packaging Reliability

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