Truman Challenge North Kansas City Schools Middle School Smackdown lol!

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Truman Challenge North Kansas City Schools

  • Middle School Smackdown LOL!

  • Antioch, Eastgate, New Mark, Northgate


  • We all purchased the MASL Award dvd and showed the video to students.

  • Antioch uses a large poster of all the Truman nominees with the Lexile and Reading Counts point values to promote the books. These are given to all teachers who request the poster.


  • I made a short Powerpoint presentation to show along with the DVD with voting and party dates.

  • We promote the Truman challenge on daily video announcements and scrolling announcements.

  • Student written reviews are posted on the Truman display

  • Students write reviews on Destiny for some of the books

  • Graph display of progress in relation to other district middle schools (NM too)

  • Review at each check out procedures & rewards (NM too)

  • Bulletin board display of Truman books

  • Intro to eCampus site (quizzes, discussion boards) and sign up for this

  • Two CA teachers jumped on board and designed assignments around Truman books


  • Antioch uses the PBIS program where students are rewarded for good behavior. Reading is a good behavior, so our principal randomly hands out tickets to kids who are reading a Truman book. The tickets are redeemed for small prizes.

  • Candy provided at each successful quiz

  • Chart shown in LMC with Names/book titles recognizing student progress.

  • NM doesn’t really do rewards for each book read


  • Antioch- I keep a notebook divided by grade and team. Students print off their Reading Counts progress report when they pass a quiz.

  • Suggest keeping CA classes (teams) aware of their success compared to other teams.

  • Notes sent to those near meeting requirements for party encouraging them to reach their goal.

  • I utilize eCampus to grade and track quizzes taken and discussion board participation. I can run a report of quiz/discussion board activity per student, then manually determine who has qualified for party. I am learning this technology as I go.

  • Enter number of qualifying books each week into a spreadsheet along with other schools’ totals. This is set to create a chart based on the numbers which I print out poster size and display in the LMC.


  • We use Reading Counts as a part of our CA curriculum. Students take the tests and a passing score is counted for credit

  • Number of times a students can retest. I set eCampus to allow students to take quiz twice, but this got reset somehow, so some students were able to take it more than twice. Must get 7 out of 10 or more for quiz to count.

  • Quizzes were created by the LMS at the beginning of the year in eCampus

  • eCampus used for student quiz taking and grading, discussion board participation and grading, as well as for voting for favorite Truman book. For the discussion board post to *count* toward the challenge, they must show multiple instances of evidence through their post that they have read the book. I read each post and look for such evidence. When I determine they have shown enough evidence that they read the book, I grade their discussion board posts. I can then track this grade in the grade center section of eCampus along with the quizzes. Many of my students have participated in the discussion board for the book AND taken the quiz.


  • Antioch-Pizza Party was held for students who had read 4 books and could vote for MASL. This was during lunch time.

  • Students qualifying by showing evidence that they read at least four books get to vote for their favorite Truman Nominee.

  • New Mark students will have a pizza party for those who have at least four books that qualify for the challenge. For a book to qualify, they must have taken the quiz and received a score of 7 or more OR they must have participate in the discussion board for that book and shown evidence of having read the book through their posts.


  • Antioch- Students who have read 4 or more Truman books have their name on gold stars and posted by the large Truman poster that shows each schools’ total.

  • Poster with recognition of student’s progress.

  • New Mark doesn’t really do recognition per student or book. I think we’ll start this next year.

End of the Year Celebration

  • Party uniting all students that qualify from participating schools.

  • Party last about 1 ½ hrs.

  • Barbeque/lunch served

  • Music outdoors for dancing or frisbee.

  • Games related to Truman Nominess with prizes.

  • Certificate awards for team placement.

  • Special recognition certificates for readers completing the most books in their school.

  • New Mark having own party this year, but will plan for MS party next year

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