Vista Deployment Technologies

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Windows Vista Deployment & Servicing Overview


  • Introduction: Vista Goals, Vista Overview

  • Vista Deployment Technologies

    • Windows Imaging Format & Tools
    • Windows PE
    • Image Based Setup (IBS)
    • Unattended Setup
    • Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Vista Servicing

Windows Vista Manufacturing Goals

  • Deliver Windows features for image creation, modification and deployment

  • Reduce the number of OS images required

  • Improve PC imaging process through scripting and deployment automation tools

  • Enable both online and offline servicing of the OS components and or images

  • Single set of tools for Desktop and Server

  • Improve documentation throughout the OS beta cycle and through post RTM of the Vista OS

Windows Imaging WIM Image Format

  • WIM is a file based image format

    • Non-destructive application of an OS image
    • Partial volume captures
    • Single instance storage of file resources
    • Multiple images / volumes in a single WIM container
    • Application to variable size target drives
    • Archive quality images – disk or file system structures are not stored

Windows Imaging WIM Image Format (Con’t)

  • Highly compressed format

    • Single instance of duplicate files
  • Spanned media support

    • WIMs can be split and applied from parts (.swm)
  • Bootable Image format

    • Support for booting WinPE from a WIM

Windows Imaging Vista Image Sizes

Windows Imaging (ImageX)

  • ImageX

    • Command line tool (no GUI tool available)
  • Imaging APIs (WIMGAPI)

    • Exposes all imaging functionality
    • Enables custom imaging applications and solutions
    • Documented within the Deployment tool kit
  • Enabling Technology (Filters)

Demo WIM

  • Mount Vista WIM file

  • Unmount

Unattended Setup: Answer File

  • A single universal answer file for the Vista OS (Components, Servicing, and Applications installs)

  • Standard XML file created in many ways:

    • Script that calls the new Component Platform Interface API
    • Output of new Image Manager application
  • Customizes images during setup OR offline

    • passed to SETUP.EXE during Vista installation
    • passed to PKGMGR.EXE during Vista offline image maintenance
  • All XP functionality will be supported.

    • Some XP Unattend.txt settings are the same
    • Some settings names have changed in Unattend.xml file

Answer Files In Windows XP

Answer Files In Vista

  • Windows Vista Install

  • Multiple Files replaced a single XML answer file

  • Simplifies customization process

  • Only one toll needed

  • All passes adressed in a single location

Demo Image Manager

  • Windows System Image Manager

Windows Vista Modularization

  • Vista OS components are installed and serviced independently

  • Components describe their resources and dependencies in XML

    • Registry items
    • Configurable Properties
    • Files
    • Dependencies
  • SKU XML Manifests define components of a product


  • Vista is built from a set of components

  • A Component consists of

    • A self describing manifest
    • Resources to install the component
      • Files, Registry Keys, Settings, Install Actions
    • List of other component dependencies
  • Vista comprises of 3000+ unique components

  • Installation and maintenance is declarative, not procedural

Vista Servicing Overview

  • Setup, Optional Components, Language Packs, Hot-fixes, Out of Band releases use the same infrastructure and tools

  • Vista servicing is

    • More robust (Transactional)
    • Order independent (install/uninstall)
    • Supports Image Servicing

Demo pkgmgr

  • WIM


Windows PE

  • WinPE is…

    • An operating environment built from Vista components
    • an integrated part of the setup environment for Vista
    • a platform enabling IT Pros to build deployment, recovery, imaging, and diagnostics applications
    • a replacement for DOS boot disk scenarios
  • WinPE is not…

    • a embedded operating system
    • a replacement client or server operating system

Demo WinPE

Image-Based Setup (IBS)

  • All Vista release will ship as a Sysprep’d image

    • Setup.EXE applies images
  • Setup applies Images, using Unattend answer files for custom installation

    • Setup customizes the image under WinPE before applying the image to the PC
  • Windows “Vista” Setup supports upgrading FAT/FAT32 to NTFS, with the default format type NTFS

  • Two ways to “Install” Vista:

    • Apply the RTM image and use Unattend.xml to customize setup.EXE
    • Install Vista, configure, capture, and deploy using Vista Imaging tools (XImage)

Image-Based Setup Phases

Demo WIM

  • Different Phases

Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

  • Replaces Remote Installation Services (RIS)

    • RIS cannot deploy Vista
  • Will be available for WS2003 when Vista client RTMs

  • Can install Vista, XP, WS2K3, and W2K images

  • Uses WinPE as the boot environment on target PC

  • WinPE-based WDS Client provides image selection

  • Native support for WIM images

WDS Operation Modes

  • Legacy RIS

    • Boot environment = OSChooser
    • Image Types: RISETUP and RIPREP
    • Administration experience = RIS toolset
  • WDS Mixed

    • Boot environment = OSChooser & WinPE
    • Image Types: WIM, RISETUP, and RIPREP
    • Administration experience = RIS toolset and WDS MGMT
  • WDS Native

    • Boot environment = WinPE
    • Image Types: WIM
    • Administration experience = WDS MGMT
    • This is one-and-only mode in Longhorn Server

WDS Image Store Folder Structure

Demo WDS

  • WDS

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