What Career Is In Your Future? Want to work with the…

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What Career Is In Your Future?

Want to work with the…

Not The Next Derek Jeter?

  • Wanted:

  • Computer Programmer – NY Yankees

  • Job Description: The New York Yankees organization is accepting applications for a full-time computer programmer in their Baseball Operations department.

How about the…


Like Law & Order?

  • From administrative positions to Financial Analysts to Project Managers to Special Agents, the FBI offers a wide variety of career paths!

Fashion More Your Thing?

  • The fashion industry is not just designers – you can get involved in a multitude of ways!

MTV? Comedy Central?

  • The MTV Network includes many different television stations. Can you name them?

  • MTV

  • VH1

  • Nickelodeon

  • Comedy Central

  • TV Land

  • CMT

  • Spike

What Do These Jobs Have in Common?

  • They all require business backgrounds!!!


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