William peverill was the "natural son" some of course would

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WILLIAM PEVERILL was the "natural son" (some of course would 

prefer the alternative terminology) of William the Conquerer. See the 

attachments for further discussion and probably more than you want to 

know about William Peverill.



My great grandfather-also named William Peverill- came to the U.S. 

(from Nottingham England) in the mid 1850s and fought in the Civil War 

and ultimately settled in Waterloo Iowa. We have traced our Peverill 

ancestry as far back as the fourteenth century but going beyond that is 

a real challenge and, in the final analysis, is wholly dependent on 

church records.



In August 1988 I visited Castleton England where Peverill Castle is 

located but where to this day no Peverill lives even though much in the 

town is named "Peverill". On my birthday (together with Katie, Ellen, and 

Sara) I attended services at St Edmunds church (which like the castle 

was built by Peverill).The vicar announced to his congregation that I 

was William Peverill and that day was my sixtieth birthday. Great cheers 

developed and I was asked many questions.



It was a happy birthday.


Bill Peverill



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