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Wisconsin Job Service National Career Readiness Certificate

Wisconsin Job Service Re-employment Services (RES)

  • Statewide totals, since July 1, 2009 implementation:

  • Statewide, average weekly activity:

    • 100 sessions
    • 750 UI claimants served

Re-employment Sessions Triage Paths

Assessment Path

What is KeyTrain®?

  • KeyTrain is the targeted curriculum and learning tool designed specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills as defined by the WorkKeys® system and the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC).

What is WorkKeys®?

  • WorkKeys assessments are standardized tests that ACT has designed to evaluate the level of proficiency in three areas:

NCRC Benefits

  • For the employer: NCRC demonstrates work readiness, in the assessed skill sets (applied math, reading, and locating information). This provides an additional tool to assist with recruitment and promotion of qualified candidates.

  • For the jobseeker: NCRC helps demonstrate work readiness for job opportunities.

Process Overview

  • Customer referred in RES session

  • Customer practices KeyTrain, must achieve 80% score to demonstrate WorkKeys readiness

  • Once 80% is achieved, customer calls statewide call center (888.258.9966) to schedule for WorkKeys

  • Must pass all three assessments to receive NCRC

    • Four certificate levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • NCRC icon / search feature coming soon to JCW

Pilot Locations

  • NCRC process is being piloted in five Wisconsin cities:

    • Milwaukee
    • West Bend
    • Wausau
    • Madison
    • Fennimore

Pilot Implementation / Timeline

  • September 1st: RES and KeyTrain

  • September 14th: WorkKeys Call Center

  • September 21st: WorkKeys Tests

  • September 30th: First NCRC’s Issued

Statewide Implementation / Timeline

  • October 1st: RES and KeyTrain

  • October 15th: WorkKeys Tests

  • October 30th: First NCRC’s Issued

Expansion of the NCRC: Winter 2009/2010

Benefits for Employers

Assists with Recruitment

Reduces Turnover

Reduces Training Time

  • NCRC can help reduce training time because work readiness is demonstrated prior to hire.

  • “Training time was cut from 2 to 3 months to 4 to 6 weeks – a 50% reduction in training time that results in a cost savings per hourly employee between $2,500 to $3,000.”

    • - Morningstar Foods in Mount Crawford, Virginia

Increases ROI

Statewide Implementation Needs: Computer Lab Space

NCRC Success in Wisconsin…

  • Is dependent upon employer buy-in.

  • Yes. We will ask job applicants: “Do you have a National Career Readiness Certificate?”

  • Yes. We will recognize the National Career Readiness Certificate in hiring and/or promotion practices for one

  • or more positions in our organization.

  • Yes. We give DWD permission to use our name in public awareness efforts to promote the National Career Readiness Certificate.


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