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The pie charts give information about how much money was spent in three different times, by a particular school which located in the Uk.

Overall, it is clear that the most part of the money was given for teachers' salaries during 20 years, while insurance was consistent as the lowest percentage of annual school spending over the times observed.

In 1981 the spending on teachers' wages was 40% followed by a growth to 50% in 1991, and declined slightly to 45% in 2001. During the given period, the expenditure on insurance increased gradually four times, from 2% to 8%.

Furthermore, the percentage of furniture and equipment was higher than insurance. It declined markedly from 15% in 1981 to 5% in 1991. Next ten years this number climbed significantly to 23%. Besides the proportion of money spent on other workers’ salaries went down from 28 % to 22 % between 1981 and 1991, decreasing further to 15 % in 2001. The percentage of spendings on resources like books also decreased after a slight increase of 5% in 1991.

Shahzoda Ganieva

Group: GE 218

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